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Who Enrolls?

Selective in admissions, we welcome an international group of high-potential, early-career students to each class with up to seven years of work experience. Most come from highly regarded academic and professional backgrounds, though we welcome exceptional candidates from non-traditional backgrounds as well. Mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs may consider our Executive MBA.

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  • CAREER STAGEEarly Career
  • CLASS SIZE150 - 200 students
  • FORMATOnline Cohort
  • DURATION15 months
  • TUITION$950 per month
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Mid-career professional? Learn about the Executive MBA.

Quantic Students

Our students and alumni range from entrepreneurs to leaders in top global companies. Meet a few below and then find more on our Students & Alumni page.

David Tarr

David Tarr

Management Consultant

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sachin Doshin

Sachin Doshin

Director of development

Mental Health America

Michele Malski

Michele Malski

Founder and president


Amanda Molina

Amanda Molina

Legislative counsel

US House of Representatives

Where Our Students Studied

Where Our Students Studied

  • 277Oxford University
  • 209UC Berkeley
  • 168Harvard University
  • 155Columbia University
  • 120LSE
  • 120MIT
  • 104Stanford University
  • 103Delft University
  • 97Yale University
  • 71ETH Zurich
Where Our Students Work

Where Our Students Work

Source: All-time, self-reported student enrollment data as of 2023.

What people are saying

Weichao Rachel Zhai avatar

Weichao Rachel Zhai

Stanford University

Senior Associate, Investment, Vertex Ventures

“Really informative classes and intuitive online platform. Great learning and networking opportunity, I would highly recommend it!”

Tom Garvey photo

Tom Garvey

University of Oxford

Head of Regional Business Performance, Google

"Quantic was a great experience. Highly engaging content delivered thoughtfully and in an interactive way. It feels like the future of education!"

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