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You can also attend a Daily Admissions Zoom. These 15-minute sessions are attended by prospective students every day at 12pm (US Eastern time). Schedule here.

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  • CAREER STAGEEarly Career
  • CLASS SIZE150 - 200 students
  • FORMATOnline Cohort
  • DURATION15 months
  • TUITION$950 per month
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Admission Criteria

The program is tailored for early-career professionals from a diverse set of industry backgrounds, and is highly selective. It values, but does not assume, prior business experience, and has the following minimum requirements:

Undergraduate / bachelor’s degree

Minimum 2 years industry experience

English language proficiency

GRE and GMAT scores are accepted but not required



You may be selected for a brief interview with our Admissions team. This is good news! It’s an opportunity for us to learn more about you and establish your fit for the program.



If accepted, you may defer to a future class. Simply register for the current class and let us know prior to the start of classes. If you do not register or defer, your offer of acceptance will expire. There is no guarantee of future admission, nor does any scholarship award transfer, if applicable.

Innovative Tuition Model

Innovative Tuition Model

We are committed to bringing affordability and accessibility to elite business education. Students benefit from our innovative employer funded model that leverages companies’ tuition reimbursement policies, as well as numerous scholarship awards.

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What people are saying

Weichao Rachel Zhai avatar

Weichao Rachel Zhai

Stanford University

Senior Associate, Investment, Vertex Ventures

“Really informative classes and intuitive online platform. Great learning and networking opportunity, I would highly recommend it!”

Tom Garvey avatar

Tom Garvey

University of Oxford

Manager, Strategy & Operations, Google

“Quantic was a great experience. Highly engaging content delivered thoughtfully and in an interactive way. It feels like the future of education!”

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