Tuition Fees

MBA and
Executive MBA

MBA and Executive MBA
MBA and Executive MBA
MBA and Executive MBA
MBA and Executive MBA

Tuition Fees are just $950 per month over the 14-month duration of the programs.

Many students enjoy reduced fees from scholarship opportunities funded in part by our employer partners.

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Asked Questions

How is it so affordable vs traditional programs?

We deliver a superior education with exceptional classmates, yet without the cost structure of traditional schools. When we layer in our employer funding tuition model, the result is a radically affordable program combatting the debt cycle of traditional elite education and fostering societal change. Read more about our mission.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. We admit high achieving students and award merit and need based scholarships to try to ensure their participation. Part of our tuition model raises scholarship funds from students, alumni, and corporate partners. Full scholarships are rare, though companies often sponsor their employees 100%. Read more about scholarship options.

How is full funding possible?

We’re proud of initiatives that can result in a free Quantic degree. More and more companies offer their employees tuition reimbursement covering the full cost. We also award full scholarships on the basis of merit and need to a small number of students each cohort.

Why do we charge monthly?

Charging in smaller increments over time enables more high achieving students around the world to enroll. The “monthly subscription” also fits our technology-driven approach to higher education. If admitted, there are other billing options including a single upfront payment.

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