Employer Funded Education

We work with many companies who invest in their employees through education and professional development. But EVERY Quantic student benefits from this innovation in tuition funding.

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So how does it work?

Radically Affordable Tuition

With a mobile-first platform, we avoid the high costs of traditional programs. From there, we work with companies, providing leadership training and the ability to promote jobs to our students and alumni. This corporate revenue allows Quantic to charge lower student tuition.

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When companies sponsor tuition for their employees, we pledge 25% to our Impact Scholarship Program. We also use tuition revenue and donations from students and alumni to provide need and merit based awards. All applicants are eligible for scholarship support.

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Company Tuition Benefits

Many companies have standard benefits that cover tuition for employees. Hundreds have approved our degrees including Google, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Amazon (the company with the most Quantic students). We’re happy to work with your HR department, as needed.

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Global Access. Global Impact.

While the possibility of a free MBA grabs headlines, it is the affordable tuition for all students and the disruptive potential in the global higher education landscape that has the Education Tech world excited.

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