Active Learning.
Redefining the future of education.

Pedagogically Engineered

Pedagogically Engineered

No boring lecture videos. No tedious textbooks. Just delightful interactive instruction designed to make learning dramatically easier and faster.

Active Learning

Active Learning

With decades of experience in educational technology, as well as pedagogical conviction in experiential learning, Quantic has reinvented adult education with interactive, mobile-first learning we call "Active Learning."

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AI-Powered Platform

AI-Powered Platform

Our Active Learning approach, combined with expert faculty guidance, is enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This synergy creates an unparalleled personalized journey for every student. Whether you’re seeking clarification on intricate course materials, need to stay on top of crucial dates, or wish to explore subjects at a deeper level, our advanced AI technology is ready to help. As you engage with the curriculum, this system becomes attuned to your progress, ensuring that the assistance you receive is tailored to your evolving requirements, academic exploration, and growth.

Mastery-Based Progression

Mastery-Based Progression

Gone are the passive approaches of video-based talking heads and long-winded prose. Instead, Quantic lessons constantly challenge learners, requiring frequent interactions to advance in the lesson. As every 5-10 minute lesson builds on prior lessons, students test their understanding while confronting new course material in a mastery-based progression of learning that ensures student advancement.

Don’t Teach and Test

Don’t Teach and Test...

Online education has systemized the least effective practices of classroom instruction, broadcasting information then testing for student comprehension. We challenged this passive paradigm in a 2017 study that taught Probability and Statistics to learners via three different platforms: Quantic, edX, and Khan Academy. Time spent on our platform was one third of what other participants spent learning the same curriculum and Quantic learners reported higher levels of engagement compared to incumbents. When tested on the subject matter, Quantic learners had higher mean exam scores, while learners in rival programs were 5x more likely to score below 50%.

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Test to Teach

...Test to Teach!

With Active Learning, our courseware immediately challenges the student to think as the protagonist. We’re not a lecturer, but rather a mentor and tutor, providing activities where students engage, making decisions with immediate feedback. We test not to confirm comprehension but rather as an opportunity to teach.

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Active Learning flips the old educational paradigm with dramatic effects in both efficacy and retention.

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What people are saying

Lindsey Allard avatar

Lindsey Allard

Dartmouth College

“I loved the Quantic program. I have never experienced interactive learning the way Quantic provides. Highly recommend this to anybody who wants to take their career to the next level!”

Samuel Miles avatar

Samuel Miles

Yale University

Facilitator, African Leadership University

“Quantic is pedagogy done right for the modern omni-learner. As an educator I could really see the best practices so often talked about baked in seamlessly.”