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Develop core business skills to maximize your career success. As an accelerated 13-month program of study, the MBA is designed for the early-career professional with leadership potential. The award-winning curriculum combines interactive technology and collaborative group study with exceptional classmates around the world, delivered in a structured, yet flexible format.

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  • DURATION13 Months
  • CLASS SIZE150 - 200 Students
  • EFFORT5-15 hours / week
  • CAREER STAGEEarly Career
  • FORMATOnline Cohort + Optional Weekends
  • TUITION$9600 USD
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Mid-career professional? Learn about the Executive MBA.

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Student Experience

Students learn through our innovative Active Learning method, while collaborating with classmates in case studies, discussions, group projects, and events held virtually and around the world.

The curriculum is enhanced with an online library, paid research databases, lifelong access to courses, resume and cover letter consultations and our built-in career network, Smartly Talent.


Our Method

Quantic is a pioneer in technology-driven instructional design. Our award-winning interactive software represents the core of the MBA curriculum. Our team of writers, editors and developers work with leading professors from top business schools to bring the traditional MBA to life, with bite-size lessons and individualized feedback every 8 seconds.

Cohorts follow a guided sequence through the curriculum, working together on case studies and group projects in our accompanying social learning platform.


The Curriculum

The curriculum is comprised of 9 required concentrations during the 13-month course of study.

Team development

Social Learning

As a companion to our interactive online curriculum, enrolled students engage with their classmates around the world in our social learning platform. Students work together on case studies and collaborative group assignments throughout the program.



We organize virtual and physical meetups and excursions in international cities around the world, giving our thousands of students and alumni the chance to socialize and network professionally. Students benefit from the learning and bonding experience with their exceptional classmates and the Quantic staff.

Degree program


The MBA is awarded by Quantic, a DEAC accredited, degree granting institution of higher education, licensed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) of Washington, DC.

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What people are saying

Nathan Philip Wang

Nathan Philip Wang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

M3 Design, Inc, Mechanical Engineering

“The Quantic MBA program was a fantastic way to earn an MBA. It truly fit my schedule!”

Daniel Gale-Rosen

Daniel Gale-Rosen

Harvard University

HYFN, Strategic Services

“The Quantic MBA program was an amazing way for me to broaden my skills and knowledge...”

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