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“How well do you know the concepts of #BlueOceanStrategy? Find out via @QuanticSchool

Harvard Business Review


“In my 10 years in the education world, Quantic offers the best, most engaging learning experience of anything I’ve seen...incredible disruptive potential.”

Michael Horn


“It is one of a new breed of digital education companies seeking to challenge the supremacy - and business model - of established academic institutions”

Financial Times

Nathan Philip Wang avatar

Nathan Philip Wang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

M3 Design, Inc, Mechanical Engineering

“The Quantic MBA program was a fantastic way to earn an MBA. It truly fit my schedule!”

Aleshia Howell avatar

Aleshia Howell

University of Westminster

Program Director, The Creative Coast

“Quantic gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start my business on the right foot. I'm amazed at how much I've learned in just a year.”

Daniel Gale-Rosen avatar

Daniel Gale-Rosen

Harvard University

HYFN, Strategic Services

“The Quantic MBA program was an amazing way for me to broaden my skills and knowledge...”

Robin Lu avatar

Robin Lu

University of California, Berkeley

Gomay Group, Front-end Engineer

“My journey with Quantic has been incredible. The course material equipped me with knowledge that led to a 66% salary increase.”

Marcela Ruiz de Chávez Vélez avatar

Marcela Ruiz de Chávez Vélez

University of Cambridge

Representative of Mexico, Mission Innovation Secretariat SENER

“As an engineer, I learned quite a lot of business skills that I would have not learned otherwise. The Quantic MBA gives a feeling of total satisfaction.”

Brooke Gerstein avatar

Brooke Gerstein

Cornell University

Banfi Vintners, Marketing

“Quantic has given me the opportunity to not only work alongside incredibly talented classmates from around the country, but also to solidify concepts in a tangible and meaningful way, wherever I am, all via smartphone. Thank you, Quantic!”

Trisha Hautéa avatar

Trisha Hautéa

Tufts University

MIT, Program Facilitator

“I quickly learned how legitimate and challenging the Quantic MBA program is. It's comprehensive and I learned way more than anticipated.”

Anand Bhat avatar

Anand Bhat

Purdue University

Accenture, Systems Integration Lead

“The value of an Ivy League MBA in a shortened compact and delightful user experience that makes learning great again!”

Kristian Fennessy avatar

Kristian Fennessy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Solutions Engineering, Chartio

“I used the knowledge I gained in Quantic's MBA to acquire a significant promotion in both role and compensation. I loved the program.”

Tanzim Khan Milkey avatar

Tanzim Khan Milkey

Williams College


“Quantic helped me become a better marketer, a better manager, and a better businessman.”

Veronica Shea Salkin avatar

Veronica Shea Salkin

Northwestern University

Primary Stages, Marketing

“What I learned will stick with me far longer than a standard lecture-based curriculum could.”

Benjamin Piven avatar

Benjamin Piven

Columbia University

Digital Content Editor, Open Society Foundations

“Quantic provides curious students of business with a convenient way to learn new skills, develop business acumen, and broaden their knowledge base.”

Lydia Montagnese avatar

Lydia Montagnese

Johns Hopkins University

CEO, Givdo

“Quantic's mobile-friendly, almost gamified approach to learning helped me round out my proficiency on-the-go with important lessons in finance, economics, marketing, statistics, strategy, and more.”

Lindsey Allard avatar

Lindsey Allard

Dartmouth College

The Strategic Agency, Marketing

“I loved the Quantic program. I have never experienced interactive learning the way Quantic provides. Highly recommend this to anybody who wants to take their career to the next level!”

Brett Shadbolt avatar

Brett Shadbolt

NYU Stern School of Business

CEO, Phusjon Group

“Great for working professionals. Very flexible and informative.”

Alexandra Ekman avatar

Alexandra Ekman

Karolinska Institutet

Client Manager at Redeye AB

“The freedom to take the courses wherever you are, together with the innovative pedagogy makes the Quantic EMBA unique.”

Erin Pellegrino avatar

Erin Pellegrino

Cornell University

Harvard University School of Design

“I can't believe I went to two universities for undergraduate and graduate school, and never learned what Quantic offered.”

Pearce Wurthner-Labrecque avatar

Pearce Wurthner-Labrecque

UNC, Chapel Hill

QuickBase, Inc

“The Quantic MBA program was an incredible experience and continual resource! Consider me a Quantic brand ambassador!”

Tomas Nyitray avatar

Tomas Nyitray

ETH Zurich

Portfolio Manager, SBB Cargo

“The content and key messages are really well prepared and easy to implement.”

Regina Jaslow avatar

Regina Jaslow

University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

Chief Revenue Officer, Amplicare

“New courses are continually added and offer fantastic value for a quality education. Having access to the careers platform is also a huge plus.”

Dylan Pradas avatar

Dylan Pradas

University of Virginia, McIntire School of Commerce

Atlantic Media, Financial Manager

“You will find yourself referring back to the material found on Quantic for the rest of your career.”

Liza Graziano avatar

Liza Graziano

Cornell University

Verizon, HR

“Quantic was a great way for me to obtain additional business acumen without needing to commit to the time and cost of a traditional MBA.”

Chia Jia Hao avatar

Chia Jia Hao

National University of Singapore

Innovation Program Lead, DBS Bank

“Quantic is intense, but very effective! I was definitely challenged.”

Marcus Gilmore avatar

Marcus Gilmore

New York University

Sr. Regional Manager, Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE)

“Participating in Quantic's EMBA influenced how I approached my current role and contributed to me receiving a promotion prior to completing the program.”

Ian Lee avatar

Ian Lee

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carbon Black, Product Marketing Manager

“Quantic is the future of education: fast, effective and mobile.”

Samuel Miles avatar

Samuel Miles

Yale University

African Leadership University, Facilitator

“Quantic is pedagogy done right for the modern omni-learner. As an educator I could really see the best practices so often talked about baked in seamlessly.”

Geoffrey Schutta avatar

Geoffrey Schutta

The College of William and Mary

CGI, Senior Consultant

“This MBA program could become one of the most beneficial and worthwhile endeavors for students and companies.”

Sachin Doshi avatar

Sachin Doshi

Duke University

Mental Health America (MHA)

“The format engaged me more than most classes I've taken in person. I feel better equipped to tackle real-world problems with the knowledge I've gained.”

Raphael Sung Tark Mun avatar

Raphael Sung Tark Mun

Carnegie Mellon

CEO, Lemmino

“Finding out about Quantic and deciding to apply is one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

Jake Rudin avatar

Jake Rudin

Cornell University

GatherEducation, Director, Business Development

“Quantic provided me with an MBA "on the go." It's everything you need in a degree and nothing you don't!”

Tom Garvey avatar

Tom Garvey

University of Oxford

Senior Business Analyst, Google

“The MBA was a great experience. Highly engaging content delivered thoughtfully and in an interactive way. It feels like the future of education!”

Elizabeth Kennard avatar

Elizabeth Kennard

Yale University

Sr. Manager, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.

“The Quantic program is a unique and engaging way for busy professionals to build their knowledge and gain their business degree.”

Pavel Gurevich avatar

Pavel Gurevich

UC, Berkeley

hiQ Labs

“Quantic was an amazing experience!”

Michael Horn avatar

Michael Horn

Yale University, HBS

Co-Founder, Clayton Christensen Institute

“Quantic is the educational framework of the future.”

Talent Acquisition Specialist logo

Greg Buechler

Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Quantic has allowed us to hire executive talent from around the world in the shortest time I have ever experienced in my 30 years of Recruiting. I am almost unwilling to share this gem of a tool!”

Cofounder, ZoomKinetics logo

Ricky Ge

Cofounder, ZoomKinetics

“Quantic's curated talent pool and efficient discovery system made it fast and easy for me to recruit talent for my company”

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