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“It is a breakthrough that re-imagines business education for early adopters who think mobile-first and learn on their own schedule.”

“In my 15 years in the education world, Quantic offers the most engaging learning experience of anything I’ve experienced... It continues to hold incredible disruptive potential.”

Michael Horn

Co-Founder, Clayton Christensen Institute2023

“It is one of a new breed of digital education companies seeking to challenge the supremacy - and business model - of established academic institutions”

Source: Student postgraduate survey data, 2022. NPS from 2023.

Student and Alumni Reviews

Weichao Rachel Zhai avatar

Weichao Rachel Zhai

Stanford University

Senior Associate, Investment, Vertex Ventures

“Really informative classes and intuitive online platform. Great learning and networking opportunity, I would highly recommend it!”

Vasant Chandra avatar

Vasant Chandra

University of California, Santa Cruz

Managing Partner, Gartner

“Quantic offers an incredibly flexible, open and collaborative program that has enabled me to accelerate my business acumen exponentially within a short period.”

Richard Whitehead avatar

Richard Whitehead

Brigham Young University

Product Marketing Leader, Adobe

“Quantic has done to education what Apple did to the mobile phone. I love that I can network with literally anyone in the world! This is the future of education!”

Mark Chan avatar

Mark Chan

Nanyang Technological University

Partnerships & Community, Terraform Labs

“The Quantic MBA has added immense value to my career. I would highly recommend it to any aspiring professional who wishes to deepen their knowledge and expand their network.”

Kiron Heriot-Darragh avatar

Kiron Heriot-Darragh

R.M.I.T University

Global Head of Special Projects, Apple

“Quantic has given me a brilliant holistic understanding of where my department adds value and how to position these programs for optimal effect.”

Jackson Ritchie avatar

Jackson Ritchie

Griffith University

Senior Manager - Customer Strategy, Deloitte Consulting

“The learning style is really engaging - a welcome change from sitting through hours of video lectures. I’d highly recommend Quantic to anyone who’s looking to earn an MBA while retaining their full-time schedule and avoiding the enormous costs of traditional programmes.”

Reva Minkoff avatar

Reva Minkoff

Harvard University

Founder and President, Digital4Startups Inc.

“Quantic is a quality, affordable program that’s intellectually stimulating and has students from all over the world. I’ve really enjoyed my experience!”

Luca Vallarelli avatar

Luca Vallarelli

La Sapienza University

Senior Project Manager, Microsoft

“Quantic’s innovative method democratizes the opportunity to increase one’s business acumen. It’s structured and flexible, and expands your international network.”

Rosanna Koh avatar

Rosanna Koh

Nanyang Technological University

Financial Reporting Manager, Razer Inc.

“One of the best investments I’ve made! Taking education to the next level, Quantic’s structured yet flexible method accommodates busy professionals, with opportunities to network and meet students worldwide in virtual meet-ups and group projects.”

Andrea Vasco avatar

Andrea Vasco

Politecnico di Milano

Technology Evangelist, Google

“I love the courses - the knowledge I gained helped me land my dream job at Google!”

Tom Garvey avatar

Tom Garvey

University of Oxford

Manager, Strategy & Operations, Google

“The Quantic MBA was a great experience. Highly engaging content delivered thoughtfully and in an interactive way. It feels like the future of education!”

Dayna Herling avatar

Dayna Herling

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Sr. Growth Director, Coin Metrics

“The flexible and interactive curriculum is structured in a way that really helps you learn and retain the information.”

Rosanna Iancau avatar

Rosanna Iancau

Northwestern University

Director, People Development & Learning, L'Oréal USA

“Quantic helped me further my goals. I’m connected to my cohort, instructors, and more confident. Infinite gratitude to Quantic for this brilliantly progressive program!”

Marek Szeles avatar

Marek Szeles

University of Cambridge

Head of Engineering, Uizard

“Quantic is the future of education: engaging and on-demand. With it’s network, it competes with, and beats most Ivy League business schools.”

Ryan Wu avatar

Ryan Wu

Humboldt University of Berlin

Associate Design Director, McKinsey & Company

“Quantic’s MBA completely changed the way I look at online learning. Interactive modules and peer group work helped me learn effectively. With my newfound business knowledge, I can help clients craft stellar user experiences to surpass their business goals.”

Naomi Pentrel avatar

Naomi Pentrel

University of Oxford

Staff Demo Engineer, Twilio

“I thought Quantic might be too good to be true, but it’s not. The material is interesting and the platform makes studying really fun!”

Emma Scott avatar

Emma Scott

University of Derby

Business Solutions Team Lead, Nestlé

“Quantic offers a flexible, engaging and memorable approach to pursuing an MBA. There’s enormous opportunity to grow with this comprehensive programme and regular networking with students across all sectors!”

Rano Burkhanova avatar

Rano Burkhanova

Cornell University

Global HR Director, ONWARD

“Quantic has been a great learning experience with access to top-notch content, events, faculty, and extensive network. It has helped me improve my business acumen and build a network of professionals with whom I’ll stay connected.”

Teddy Gichimu Kinyoro avatar

Teddy Gichimu Kinyoro

The University of Nairobi

Program Manager, GiveDirectly

“Quantic imparts detailed knowledge, fast. Peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures makes it even more worthwhile. What a great experience!”

Manuel Varela avatar

Manuel Varela

University of California, Davis

Enterprise Field Sales Representative, Google

“I have always had the learners mindset and Quantic has allowed for me to continue to prioritize my family, work, and an appetite for educating and improving myself!”

Maumita Chakrabarti avatar

Maumita Chakrabarti

Technical University of Denmark

Senior Principal Engineer, DenseLight Semiconductors

“Quantic transformed me; it enhanced my strategic and technical leadership abilities. I would not have been able to complete my studies if it hadn’t been for Quantic’s flexible degree!”

Logan Yeo avatar

Logan Yeo

Imperial College London

Senior Geologist, PTTEP

“The Quantic MBA teaches business and leadership skills from A to Z - a great advantage to me in my career advancement. With negotiation skills acquired through this MBA, I managed to switch to a higher role during the harsh job market of the COVID pandemic.”

Matthew Cochard avatar

Matthew Cochard

Georgetown University

Director, Institutional Sales & Trading, Truist Securities

“Quantic allowed me, as a full-time working parent, to pursue an advanced degree through a tech-enabled platform with ease. The global community and virtual interaction was a welcome exit from my Wall St. bubble and I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration.”

Dragana Savic avatar

Dragana Savic

University of Copenhagen

Research Fellow, University of Oxford; Co-Founder & CTO, INIA Biosciences

“Quantic has exceeded expectations. The material is fun and educational. The library is awesome, 1:1 sessions make you feel valued, and the network is incredible. I am grateful for this opportunity. I hope more institutions can learn from Quantic.”

Pavan Bosmia avatar

Pavan Bosmia

Western Sydney University

Senior Product Manager, Telstra

“Exactly what I was looking for. An interactive and simple way to consume complex topics that stick quickly.”

Dee Espinoza avatar

Dee Espinoza

Stanford University

CEO, Espinoza Cultural Services

“Being able to do the work in small bites from my phone or laptop, makes this program convenient to fit into my busy schedule as a CEO.”

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