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Meet the companies who support their employees with tuition benefits and employ the most Quantic students and alumni.

Thanks in part to our employer funded tuition model, the MBA and EMBA are often sponsored for employees of the following companies.


Quantic Students & Alumni

Total students and alumni in our employer network companies.

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Students & Alumni
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Students from employer network companies eligible for tuition reimbursement

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MBA Graduates

2021 MBA graduates working at employer network companies. Source: Kaiser Associates

  • 163Northwestern (Kellogg)
  • 114UPenn (Wharton)
  • 98NYU (Stern)
  • 87Columbia
  • 85INSEAD
  • 73Quantic
  • 63Harvard
  • 57HEC Paris
  • 44MIT (Sloan)
  • 17Stanford

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