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Beyond the award-winning education, our network of exceptional alumni and corporate employers will expand your career options. Selective in admissions, we help you build lifelong personal connections with peers while delivering positive career outcomes after the program.

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  • CAREER STAGEEarly Career
  • CLASS SIZE150 - 200 students
  • EFFORT5-15 hours / week
  • FORMATOnline Cohort
  • DURATION13 months
  • TUITION$950 per month
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Students & Alumni

While a student, you'll connect virtually on group projects and case studies, with the option to meet at our exclusive MBA extended weekends hosted in major international cities. Even before graduation, you'll get the full power of our alumni network, connecting with thousands of the brightest minds around the world.

Global Footprint

Quantic spans the globe with a presence in over 150 countries! Students connect with peers around the world in our interactive network and in-person at local meet-ups.

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Global footprint

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What people are saying

Nathan Philip Wang

Nathan Philip Wang

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

M3 Design, Inc, Mechanical Engineering

“The Quantic MBA program was a fantastic way to earn an MBA. It truly fit my schedule!”

Daniel Gale-Rosen

Daniel Gale-Rosen

Harvard University

HYFN, Strategic Services

“The Quantic MBA program was an amazing way for me to broaden my skills and knowledge...”

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