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Students compete to solve a block puzzle at a recent event

Students compete to solve a block puzzle at a recent event.

Students enjoy refreshments at a recent London MeetUp

Students enjoy refreshments at a recent London MeetUp.

Students take a tour of Parliament

Students take a tour of Parliament.

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MBAs in Top 50 Tech

2021 Quantic grads working in the top 50 tech companies by market cap, compared to other top schools.
Source: Kaiser Associates

  • 106Northwestern (Kellogg)
  • 71UPenn (Wharton)
  • 65INSEAD
  • 54Quantic
  • 51HEC Paris
  • 51NYU (Stern)
  • 50Columbia
  • 49Harvard
  • 36MIT (Sloan)
  • 17Stanford

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“If you are disciplined and keen to learn, Quantic is a great way to obtain an MBA while working!”

Melissa Jane McPhail

Melissa Jane McPhail

Partner Sales Manager

Maastricht University

“This is a great program, and the content has been immediately helpful in my career. I am also thankful for Adobe and my manager who supports continued development.”

Bharatwaja Namatherdhala

Bharatwaja Namatherdhala

Senior Product Manager

University of Nebraska at Omaha

“Quantic made this journey flexible, elevating and enjoyable. Thanks to a diverse global cohort that made this journey enriching.”

Ravikumar Buragapu

Ravikumar Buragapu

Senior Engineering Leader

Capella University

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