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EDUCATIONApril 24, 2024
Customizing Your Online Executive MBA to Your Needs

Receiving an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree can improve your career and prepare you for more significant roles and responsibilities. You can increase your EMBA’s relevance by customizing it to fit your professional aspirations, personal goals, and industry demands. Quantic offers a structured yet flexible executive online MBA program, allowing you to balance …

EDUCATIONApril 18, 2024
How Does an Online MBA Program Work?

Pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) allows you to advance your career and expand your professional horizons. Online MBA programs have increased the accessibility and flexibility of earning an advanced degree. At Quantic, we use interactive online learning curriculums to provide you with marketable skills and advance your career. Learning more about our process …

EDUCATIONApril 13, 2024
Customizing Your Online MBA Experience To Fit Your Busy Life

Getting your MBA can help you get hired, increase your salary, or earn a promotion. Traditional MBA programs do not always offer the flexibility that you need as a working professional with a demanding work life and personal engagements. Quantic offers an online MBA for working professionals, allowing you to customize your MBA experience to …

EDUCATIONApril 10, 2024
Financial Aid and Scholarships Available for Accredited Online MBA Programs

Improved career opportunities make the cost of getting an MBA online an investment in your future. Career coaches and academic advisors recommend that you share the cost of earning your MBA whenever possible. You may find some companies and organizations are willing to help you achieve this goal, as they benefit from the skills and …

EDUCATIONFebruary 26, 2024
Quantic Approved for Full, Five-year Accreditation Renewal; Plans to Pursue More Degrees

February 27, 2024 Quantic School of Business & Technology (“Quantic”), first accredited as a degree-granting institution in the United States in 2020, has received approval for full renewal of its accreditation. Quantic’s accrediting body, the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), reviewed findings from a site visit with Quantic leadership in 2023 and voted to renew …

MBAAugust 11, 2022
Women MBA Grads On The Rise: Reasons To Join Them Post-Covid

The pandemic changed so much of how we live life—from how we shop for our groceries and everyday supplies, to how we attend worship services and school classes.  Every aspect of our lives, it seems, looks a bit different now than it did in the time before the spring of 2020. One thing that significantly …

MBAAugust 5, 2022
The Rising Number of Women in Business School Explained

A harsh reality concerning the business world is that women face many disadvantages in their effort to bridge the gender gap. Despite making up slightly more than half the population, women rarely appear on the list of top business leaders. This disparity likely traces its roots to the smaller proportion of women in business schools …

OUR FACULTYMay 16, 2022
Quantic Live: A Conversation with Dr. Nan Zhang, Quantic Marketing SME

Do you want to learn more about the Quantic student experience? Enjoy our conversation with Quantic Marketing SME, Dr. Nan Zhang!  Dr. Zhang has worked in multiple roles as researcher, consultant, and professor. Her research focus is the impact of consumer’s identity on social media communication. She received her PhD in marketing from Southern Illinois University. …

EDUCATIONMarch 1, 2022
Global Mobile-based Learning Platform Raises $15 Million to Re-Shape Education With Programs Engineered For the Modern Workforce

Washington, DC — March 1, 2022 — Pedago, the mobile-first online education company focused on career-embedded education, announced today that it will receive $15M in funding from Elephant, which is backing disruptive software, internet and mobile companies. The investment will be split with Pedago’s initial partner institution, Quantic School of Business and Technology, which received …

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