Benefits of Getting an MBA Online

Applying for online MBA programs is the first step to earning your degree. This program particularly impacts working professionals who go to work and school simultaneously. At Quantic, we offer both an MBA and an Executive MBA program delivered entirely online for such individuals. Here are a few benefits that online MBA programs provide: 


The 2022 Corporate Recruiters Survey issued by the Graduate Management Admission Council reports that 92% of companies hoped to fill their open positions that year with MBAs. Having the right credentials and being available to start working can improve a candidate’s marketability. The quicker you adapt to a job, the more attractive you may be to prospective employers. 

Earning your MBA online while also working helps you avoid gaps in your resume. You bring both an extensive work history and the requisite educational skills to the table. This appeals to companies searching for job candidates with MBAs prepared to adjust to the rigors of daily professional work. Employers want employees who will be proactive in learning and thriving in their respective positions. Continuously looking to build up your skill set shows this level of determination. 


2023 Pew Research Center data shows that 35% of workers who can work remotely do so. An additional 41% of employees work hybrid schedules (some days at home, some in the office). Those accustomed to working remotely are better prepared to fill these roles. 

Most online courses may consist of both on-demand content and lectures streamed live. Students might also have to collaborate with others virtually when completing class projects. This learning environment simulates many of the components of online work, better preparing students to function successfully in that setting. 

Completing your MBA online also familiarizes you with the technological tools facilitating remote work. Attending meetings and giving presentations via online platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet requires knowing how to operate those programs. You can prepare for professional communication with online messaging tools like email or direct messages.


An online MBA degree at Quantic gives you the chance to network with other businessmen and potential companies who want to hire employees from this program. You will work with your fellow classmates on assignments and hear their insights, which can help you grow in your profession. There are also options for MBA workshops in several different cities where you’re able to network with other people. 


Online curriculum is often offered at more flexible hours for working professionals. This allows you sufficient time to work and study. Depending on the course, you may participate in lectures and study groups in the evening and complete assignments on weekends. 

Many online MBA programs are designed to streamline your studies. The online course’s continuous access to content allows virtual courses to set different term schedules than in-person classes. This may allow you to complete your MBA program faster. 

Online programs can be specifically designed for working professionals, focusing on maintaining a good work-life balance. The added flexibility of an online program typically provides enough time to complete school assignments, fulfill job responsibilities, and still enjoy some personal time. This may make it less likely for online MBA students to experience burnout.


Organizations that offer online MBA programs don’t have to meet the operating costs of maintaining physical offices or classrooms. They may also present the curriculum through web links or PDFs rather than textbooks. These cost savings can be passed on to students through reduced tuition. 

The accelerated nature of many online courses also allows those offering them to focus on core fundamentals, eliminating potentially redundant or extraneous coursework. This means you’re in school for less time. Even in cases where online tuition is comparable to the per-semester cost of in-person classes, the program’s overall cost is less. 

Online courses are attractive to companies looking to bolster their staff’s skills. These businesses may partner with such programs and offer employee tuition assistance. Other organizations may offer to cover the cost of a current employee’s online MBA tuition as part of a management training program. 


Online campuses allow access to students from all over the globe, enabling you to work with people from diverse backgrounds with differing perspectives. This form of cultural education may be another benefit of getting your MBA online. Working with people from various regions also allows you to develop networking connections. A student or instructor in an online course might serve as a bridge to a job with a new organization in a different area. You also have the opportunity to identify talent that you could recruit for your company. 

The broad reach of online programs results in an extensive range of alumni. You connect with alumni from different years through shared experiences, leading to future networking opportunities.

Advance Your Career Through Online MBA Programs

Online MBA programs offer you the chance to further your career pursuits while working in your current job. The skills you gain through earning your MBA can complement your work experience, putting you in a potentially advantageous position over job candidates with educational credentials alone. At Quantic, we have created MBA programs to encourage professionals to take the next step in their careers. To get started working towards your MBA, take a moment to complete our online assessment.


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