Ways an Accredited, Online MBA Program Can Help Your Career

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree leads to career advancement and leadership opportunities. Quantic is a top-tier business school offering some of the best accredited online MBA programs that allow you to further your education while balancing your busy schedule. Here are some of the ways completing an online MBA program will help your career:

Learn Valuable Skills

One of the main benefits of getting an MBA is that it teaches you valuable skills you can leverage in various leadership roles. The Quantic MBA program has multiple courses on topics such as accounting, strategy, marketing, and operations. We utilize active learning, which makes learning more engaging. Our program uses a mastery-based progression system that assesses students’ knowledge as they advance through the course. By requiring frequent interaction with the course material, our program confirms that you understand the content before moving on. You will be able to immediately start applying the knowledge and skills that you acquire in our program within your workplace. This helps you gain more real-world experience and confidence, leading to greater opportunities and career acceleration.

Get Hired

Completing an online MBA program improves your chances of getting hired by adding to your resume and providing you with advanced knowledge and skills. A completed MBA degree shows employers that you have a comprehensive understanding of topics such as finance and business strategy. This allows you to stay competitive in the job market. It also demonstrates your commitment to professional development and your ability to manage complex projects. Completing an MBA program increases your chances of securing interviews and job offers for top positions. You may also be able to secure more advanced positions or leadership roles within your current company. 

Increase Your Salary

Earning your MBA increases your salary potential. Quantic graduates see a median salary increase of 22% within six months of graduating from the program. Some employers offer an automatic raise to employees who pursue higher education because of its potential to benefit the company. Adding an MBA to your resume may qualify you for higher-level positions with greater responsibilities and compensation opportunities. It also makes you a more attractive candidate during the hiring process, enabling you to set your salary requirements higher when making a career change.

Earn Promotions

Having an MBA can give you a competitive edge when there is a job opening within your organization. When conducting interviews and deciding who to promote, your superiors will likely see your MBA as an advantage for the business. 52% of Quantic students reported getting a more significant role within six months of graduating, with 86% of those students saying that their MBA helped them secure the position. MBA candidates earn promotions by building confidence in areas such as data and decisions, supply chain and operations, and accounting. Students also have the choice to specialize in either advanced corporate-level strategy or entrepreneurship. Quantic’s MBA capstone options include a business plan capstone and a strategy report capstone. These options allow you to customize your MBA to your organization’s needs, allowing you to develop the skills needed to secure a more prominent role in the company.

Grow Your Network

An MBA from an accredited program allows students to connect with a network of high-achieving students, faculty, corporate employers, and alumni. We encourage networking with fellow students by assigning group projects and hosting MBA extended weekends. These weekends are hosted in different international cities and feature world-renowned speakers who aid in students’ professional development. Our networking opportunities allow you to connect with some of the brightest minds and expand your professional contacts. These relationships can boost your ability to achieve career goals, like getting hired, receiving promotions, or starting your own business. 

Start a Business

Many Quantic graduates have used their MBA to start a company after graduation. 94% of students say that they achieved their goals post-graduation, with some of these goals including starting a business. Quantic’s well-rounded curriculum includes courses on strategy, markets and economies, and leading organizations. These courses include detailed information that can help you build and run a business effectively. Graduates can also use their academic and professional networks to gain partnerships and collect valuable entrepreneurial advice. If your goal after graduating is to start your own organization, explore Quantic’s online curriculum and resources.

Get Started With One of the Best Accredited Online MBA Programs

An MBA provides you with the knowledge, skills, credentials, and network needed to achieve your professional goals. Whether you want to advance within your organization, transition to a new industry or company, or start your own venture, an MBA can provide the foundation for long-term success. Graduates from Quantic get promotions, increase their salaries, and get chosen for new opportunities. This is what makes us one of the best accredited online MBA programs. Apply to our radically affordable MBA program today, or contact us to learn more.


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