How an Online MBA Can Accelerate Your Career Growth as a Working Professional

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides access to advanced roles in finance, health care, technology, marketing, and other industries. Quantic offers online MBA programs for professionals seeking enhanced career opportunities. Here is more information about how an online MBA for working professionals can accelerate your career growth: 

Work in New Industries 

Broadening your industry experience expands your software skillset, increases areas of expertise, and could lead to elevated positions. A Master of Business Administration can help ease your transition to a new industry as it is a versatile business degree applicable to technology, manufacturing, energy, media, and more. Advanced transferable skills gained through an MBA program include teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, and problem-solving. Some programs include modules on public speaking and teaching students how to be perceived as confident, calm, and knowledgeable leaders. Professional business programs teach a rigorous curriculum relevant to high-level company departments, such as finance, marketing, and operations management. Quantic has several employers in its network and graduates working in technology, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. 

Access Global Markets 

MBA students can network with industry leaders and global professionals, sharing experiences and learning about industries worldwide. Graduates may be eligible for positions in international trade, supply chain management, international sales, and management consulting. Quantic students represent dozens of countries and have access to our global events throughout the year. These events provide insight into new markets and opportunities for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. After completing Quantic’s online MBA, you gain post-graduate access to our valuable and diverse international alumni network. 

Expand Professional Networks

Online MBAs are an effective way to interact with other professionals and make valuable connections. By attending a top-tier online business school, students aren’t limited to physical locations and can access professional networks globally. Peer collaboration, group discussions, and webinars from top leaders help students grow their careers. Our online MBA programs offer access to virtual job fairs and mentorship programs to support networking efforts. Internships are one of many options for MBA students to grow their connections, and busy professionals can access similar opportunities through executive programs. These programs offer internship alternatives, such as shadowing and one-on-one career services. Professional networking is key to advancing your career as it increases your exposure to ideas, companies, people, and opportunities. 

Enhance Credibility

An MBA helps enhance your marketability, credibility, and quality of job opportunities. These business programs teach advanced leadership and management skills, and completing the degree shows employers your aptitude and commitment to growth. Quantic’s flexible, active-learning programs show students how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world business scenarios. This equips program graduates for senior or management-based positions. 

Find High-Level Job Opportunities 

The curriculum taught in an MBA program focuses on the principal elements of successful business operations. Advanced positions in successful organizations face tasks such as project management, people relations, and high-level communications. MBA programs with leadership courses prepare students to handle these tasks and enhance the operations of their companies. As an MBA graduate, your next career move could be starting your own business or joining a new business venture. Because advanced business knowledge is gained through an MBA, you’ll be equipped for your next role with finance, data, and marketing knowledge. Quantic has graduate programs that can be tailored to your career goals, such as enhancing your entrepreneurial finance and data analysis knowledge or learning how AI can be integrated into businesses. 

Increase Earning Potential 

Earning an MBA increases the likelihood of obtaining a higher salary. Having an MBA qualifies you for more senior roles with a higher salary. Raises might also come from becoming more qualified in your current role. According to a postgraduate survey from 2023, Quantic’s student base saw a median salary increase within six months of graduation. Some employers offer tuition reimbursement programs and salary increases upon completion of higher education programs. This helps companies retain top talent and avoid a high turnover rate. It also creates a high return on investment for students pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree. 

Improve Communication and Time Management

While studying for an MBA, you practice hard skills such as data analysis, finance, and marketing. You also further develop soft skills like communication, time management, and creativity. Improved time management helps individuals and teams avoid stress and pressure from deadlines. It also improves focus and productivity in the workplace. Many employers look for versatility and advanced communication skills in candidates for top positions. Our innovative MBA program has peer-based learning opportunities to help students hone and elevate these skills.

Choose an Online MBA for Working Professionals 

Completing an MBA can lead to advanced job positions, higher income, and increased professional skills. With an online MBA program, you can earn a higher degree without taking a break from your career. Quantic offers a premier online MBA program with a selective admissions process. We provide a comprehensive student experience with exceptional career outcomes. Complete an application today to see if Quantic is a good fit for helping you achieve your career goals. 


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