Customizing Your Online MBA Experience To Fit Your Busy Life

Getting your MBA can help you get hired, increase your salary, or earn a promotion. Traditional MBA programs do not always offer the flexibility that you need as a working professional with a demanding work life and personal engagements. Quantic offers an online MBA for working professionals, allowing you to customize your MBA experience to fit your busy schedule. You can expect the following benefits if enrolled in one of our online MBA programs:

App-based Programs

Quantic is recognized as the world’s first accredited mobile university. We earned this recognition after proving the speed, rigor, and efficacy of our app-based programs. Our mobile lessons allow you to access course materials, resources, and assignments from any device at any time. This makes it easier to customize your learning experience and integrate lessons into your busy schedule.

Our programs also utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows for a personalized learning curriculum designed to help you in multiple ways, including clarifying course materials and reminding you of deadlines. As you progress through the lessons, the artificial intelligence learns more about you and your learning needs, creating a more efficient and customized learning experience.

Efficient Learning

Quantic’s 15-month MBA and EMBA programs use a feedback-based, interactive learning method called “active learning.” This award-winning learning style was designed to help students learn more material in less time. Quantic students studying accounting and finance were found to perform just as well or better than MBA students from many of the top 10 business schools. They were also able to do this over five times as quickly.

Instead of relying on lecture videos or textbooks, our program uses interactive instruction and frequent interactions designed to challenge you and help you learn. Each lesson builds on top of prior lessons, and we use tests to help teach rather than to confirm comprehension. By requiring frequent interactions, our curriculum helps you learn and remember the course material. If you do not understand a concept, the program can provide clarification or additional learning materials to assist with comprehension.

While Quantic is an app-based graduate school, we are also network-focused. We combine our active learning method with a collaborative approach and network that rivals other top business schools. This allows you to take advantage of our unique learning method without sacrificing networking opportunities that can provide you with valuable contacts and accelerate your career in the long run.

Customizable Programs

One of the main advantages of pursuing an online MBA with Quantic is that our programs are customizable. This allows you to personalize your curriculum to fit your needs. Our MBA and Executive MBA programs both have eight required concentrations and one capstone project. The MBA requires one specialization, while the EMBA requires three. These specializations allow you to customize your degree to focus on the topics that are the most beneficial to you.

For the MBA program, you can choose to specialize in advanced corporate-level strategy or entrepreneurship. You have the same options for the EMBA, with some additional options, including advanced finance, managing software development, and strategic leadership. Choosing a specialization that aligns with your goals reduces the amount of time spent learning information that doesn’t benefit you. This makes it easier to fit learning and earning your MBA into your busy schedule.

Optional Workshops and Events

Quantic allows you to benefit from the flexibility of mobile learning without missing out on valuable networking opportunities. While completing the program, you will have the opportunity to connect with other students from around the world through online group projects and case studies. Our network also includes our exceptional alumni who are leaders at some of the world’s top companies. These networking opportunities allow you to learn from some of the brightest minds and expand your career options.

As a Quantic student, you will also have the option to attend in-person and virtual events. We hold multiple weekend-long global conferences a year in major international cities throughout the world. These conferences feature world-renowned speakers who are qualified to speak on the most pressing topics impacting business and technology today. These conferences, meet-ups, and events allow you to participate in professional development opportunities while completing your schooling when it is most convenient for your schedule.

Apply for Quantic’s Online MBA for Working Professionals

Choosing an online MBA program allows you to customize your experience to accommodate your professional life and busy schedule. Our programs utilize efficient and active learning systems that are connected to a powerful professional network to deliver high-quality learning experiences and career outcomes. The lessons are app-based, which allow you to access them from anywhere on any device. Our curriculum uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize your learning journey and provide you with helpful tools. Apply for Quantic’s online MBA for working professionals to experience a new kind of school.


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