How Does an Online MBA Program Work?

Pursuing an MBA (Master of Business Administration) allows you to advance your career and expand your professional horizons. Online MBA programs have increased the accessibility and flexibility of earning an advanced degree. At Quantic, we use interactive online learning curriculums to provide you with marketable skills and advance your career. Learning more about our process can help you understand how online education programs work and the benefits they can provide.

The Benefits of Online MBA Programs

Quantic’s online MBA programs provide a focused, rigorous curriculum with the added flexibility of remote learning. Our programs use an effective and engaging learning method to help students retain information and learn faster. This allows our students to learn the same information and develop skills while balancing studies with career and personal responsibilities. Our surveys show that Quantic students have a high likelihood of achieving their goals after graduation. 52% of graduates reported earning a promotion within six months of graduating, and the median salary of our graduates increased by 22% within this same timeframe. We also utilize a network-first approach, which allows our students to spark connections with other students and alumni through online and in-person networking events.

The Quantic Process

At Quantic, our goal is to provide students with a high-quality, top-tier education and Ivy League-caliber networking opportunities at a radically affordable tuition. Our process involves several steps, from the admission process, enrolling in the program, to networking and graduating. Here is how our online MBA program works:

Apply to the Program

We have a highly selective admissions process that values high-potential learners. To apply, you must have an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree, show proficiency in the English language, and have a minimum of two years of industry experience. We value prior business experience but accept students from a diverse set of industry backgrounds. 80% of our MBA students attended the top 30 schools, such as Oxford University, UC Berkeley, and Harvard University. Many also have experience at some of the most impactful and innovative companies and organizations, such as Google, Amazon, and Apple. To get started, you can submit an application online. You may be selected to complete an interview with our admissions team or you will hear back with our decision.

Complete the Curriculum

Quantic’s online MBA program is an accelerated 15-month program designed for early-career professionals. Our curriculum includes eight concentrations, a specialization in entrepreneurship or advanced corporate-level strategy, and a business plan capstone or strategy report capstone. Our platform uses our Active Learning method while also encouraging collaboration with classmates through group projects, discussions, and case studies. Active Learning regularly challenges students by requiring frequent interactions and tests to advance in the lesson. These tests are used as an opportunity to teach and build off of prior lessons.

Our Active Learning teaching method is feedback-based to promote fast and effective learning. A 2016 study by Stanford Academics found that Quantic students performed as well, if not better, than traditional MBA students from the top 10 business schools when tested on accounting and finance. Our platform also utilizes artificial intelligence to personalize learning for each student. Artificial intelligence can clarify course material, explain subjects on a deeper level, and help you stay on top of deadlines.


We encourage networking by designating group assignments that let you interact with and learn from your cohort. We also hold MBA extended weekends in major international cities, allowing you to connect with thousands of students in person. Quantic has an extensive network of alumni and corporate employers that can expand your career options after graduation. These networking opportunities increase your connections and allow you to learn from some of the business field’s top leaders.


After completing our comprehensive 15-month program, you will receive your MBA. Your MBA is awarded by Quantic, which is DEAC accredited and licensed by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to grant qualified students with degrees of higher education. Graduating from our online MBA program can result in various favorable outcomes. Many of our students secure senior roles at their companies or use their new connections to join different ones. Some start their own businesses after receiving their MBA and developing these skills. A post-graduate survey from 2022 found that 94% of our alumni say that they met their career goals after graduation.

Apply for Quantic’s Online MBA Program Today

Online MBA programs offer a convenient and flexible pathway for individuals who want to further their education by receiving an MBA. This can lead to various advancement opportunities within your career, from securing promotions to increasing your salary. Quantic offers an online program with the option to specialize in entrepreneurship or advanced corporate-level strategy. Our programs teach marketable skills and allow you to connect with other students through our international network. Apply to the MBA program today to get started.


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