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EDUCATIONJune 12, 2024
The Modern MBA: Student Experiences

With Alexandria Dixon, Program Manager at SAP; Torrey Payne, Engineering Manager at Thirty Madison; and Katie Tomola, Senior Learning & Development Operations Specialist at Wells Fargo. With the rate of change being seen across all industries, today’s business leaders require an education partner that will equip them for the future of work. Through an innovative …

EDUCATIONJune 7, 2024
The Role of Executive Education in Online MBA Programs for Working Professionals

Executive education refers to intensive topic-based learning designed to enhance leadership, management, and business skills. At Quantic, we designed an online MBA for working professionals and complemented it with our executive education certificates. Pursuing these certifications can lead to professional growth, personal development, and role-specific expertise. Here is more information about the role of executive …

EMBAJune 7, 2024
Courses You Can Take in an Online Executive MBA

An Online Executive MBA is an advanced degree option for working professionals looking to develop their careers and increase their earning potential. Quantic’s Executive MBA (EMBA) program provides a flexible online learning environment and a comprehensive curriculum for students. Students have the opportunity to gain skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, and advanced strategy. Here are some …

EDUCATIONJune 6, 2024
What Makes a Top-Ranked MBA Program?

Top-ranked Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs can provide students with access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and career advancement prospects. Many factors contribute to an MBA program’s quality and standing, including the curriculum and alumni network. Here are several features to evaluate when looking for the best accredited online MBA programs: Curriculum The curriculum …

EDUCATIONJune 4, 2024
The Role of Accreditation in Global MBA Rankings and Recognition

Accreditation is an independent and voluntary evaluation process for colleges and universities to demonstrate their high educational standards. While searching for the best accredited online MBA programs, pay attention to whether the school is accredited to determine whether it is a quality institution that provides relevant curricula and recognized degrees. Quantic is an accredited university …

Benefits of Getting an MBA Online

Applying for online MBA programs is the first step to earning your degree. This program particularly impacts working professionals who go to work and school simultaneously. At Quantic, we offer both an MBA and an Executive MBA program delivered entirely online for such individuals. Here are a few benefits that online MBA programs provide:  Marketability …

EDUCATIONMay 1, 2024
Ways an Accredited, Online MBA Program Can Help Your Career

Obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree leads to career advancement and leadership opportunities. Quantic is a top-tier business school offering some of the best accredited online MBA programs that allow you to further your education while balancing your busy schedule. Here are some of the ways completing an online MBA program will help …

EDUCATIONApril 26, 2024
How an Online MBA Can Accelerate Your Career Growth as a Working Professional

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides access to advanced roles in finance, health care, technology, marketing, and other industries. Quantic offers online MBA programs for professionals seeking enhanced career opportunities. Here is more information about how an online MBA for working professionals can accelerate your career growth:  Work in New Industries  Broadening your …

EDUCATIONApril 25, 2024
How Accredited Online MBA Programs Prepare Students for Changing Job Markets

Changing job markets can be caused by various factors, including technological advancements, economic fluctuations, and industry trends. accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs prepare students for these changes by equipping them with relevant knowledge and in-demand skills. At Quantic, our top-tier online MBA program incorporates technology, networking, and soft skill development to enhance career …

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