Customizing Your Online Executive MBA to Your Needs

Receiving an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree can improve your career and prepare you for more significant roles and responsibilities. You can increase your EMBA’s relevance by customizing it to fit your professional aspirations, personal goals, and industry demands. Quantic offers a structured yet flexible executive online MBA program, allowing you to balance your education and professional responsibilities.

The Executive MBA Program

The Executive MBA Program at Quantic is designed specifically for mid-career entrepreneurs and professionals. It combines our award-winning MBA curriculum with added advanced courses and specializations, allowing you to customize your MBA. The program takes 15 months to complete, with our innovative mobile platform and collaborative group projects helping you achieve positive results and career outcomes.

How To Customize Your MBA To Fit Your Needs

Our Executive MBA program has several specialization options to provide you with a personalized experience. You may choose to specialize in areas such as business communications, entrepreneurship, and strategic leadership. Here are some ways you can customize your Executive MBA to fit your needs:

Define Your Career Goals

Defining your career goals and aspirations before beginning the EMBA program allows you to take full advantage of the program. Quantic graduates have various goals, including moving to a bigger role at their current company, getting hired at a different organization, or starting their own business. Each of these goals could benefit from one of our advanced specializations, like strategic leadership, corporate-level strategy, or U.S. business law. Understanding your career objectives helps students select the most relevant specializations and capstone project paths.

Select Your Specializations

One of the main advantages of getting an executive online MBA with Quantic is the flexibility to customize your curriculum to suit your needs and interests. Our Executive MBA curriculum includes the same eight concentrations and capstone options as our MBA program, but instead of a single specialization, it requires three. There are currently 12 specialization options available for our EMBA program. These specializations include blockchain, statistical analysis, entrepreneurial finance, and more. These advanced courses help you deepen your professional knowledge and acquire specialized skills that benefit your organization.

Personalize Your Networking Opportunities

Quantic prioritizes networking by integrating collaborative group projects and case studies into our curriculum. We also host multiple EMBA extended weekends each year in various international cities. These networking opportunities allow you to connect with your peers, Quantic alumni, and corporate employers. You can customize your networking approach based on your industry interests and target organizations. This helps you expand your professional contacts and build relationships with individuals who can support your career goals.

Benefits of Customizing Your Executive MBA

Customizing your EMBA allows you to focus on the areas that you are most interested in. It also enables you to enhance your expertise in key areas, making you a more valuable asset to your organization. Here are several benefits of choosing a customizable program:

Increased Relevance

One of the main benefits of customizing your EMBA is the ability to confirm that your degree is relevant to your specific goals. Our program allows you to choose the specializations that best suit your needs, whether you want to improve your strategic planning capabilities or your negotiation skills. You can choose courses based on your current role or the role you want to secure in the future. You can also select courses that will help you strengthen your weaker skills. These customizable options allow you to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your chosen industry or position without spending time on courses that may not be relevant.

Added Flexibility

Choosing our radically affordable and customizable executive online MBA program provides you with added flexibility and adaptability. Our mobile-first platform enables you to complete lessons and courses at an individualized pace, allowing you to earn your EMBA on your own time. Our active learning model confirms that you understand the course material as you learn, helping you get the most out of your education. This personalization allows you to tailor your learning experience to fit your lifestyle and professional schedule. 

Improved Career Outcomes

EMBA graduates experience many benefits, including promotions and increased salaries. 52% of Quantic students reported getting a higher role at their company within six months of graduation. This same survey showed a median salary increase of 22% within the same time period. Quantic graduates may be more likely to get hired when interviewing for a new position. Many of our graduates have also gone on to start their own businesses. Whether you want to start a venture or obtain a senior role, an EMBA helps you develop the necessary skills.

Earn an Executive Online MBA With Quantic

Customizing your Executive MBA can help you maximize its relevance and impact on your career. Quantic’s executive online MBA combines our award-winning MBA curriculum with added specializations and advanced courses. These courses allow you to customize your degree based on your professional aspirations and goals. If you want to advance your knowledge and career, start the process today by applying to our EMBA program.


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