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Accelerate your career with a rigorous program designed for high-potential, early-career learners eager to make a difference.

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The Executive MBA

The Executive MBA

Gain key leadership and management skills while collaborating with experienced professionals from top companies around the world.

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The Open Courses

The Open Courses

Sign up for free and immediately access a library of 47 introductory business lessons.

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Why Students Love Us

Amazing Education

Amazing Education

As a pioneer in interactive online learning, our degree programs give you marketable skills to accelerate your career.

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Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

Connect with other learners through our international network. Meet face-to-face at global conferences and regional meet-ups.

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Proven Career Outcomes

Proven Career Outcomes

Earn a more senior role, greater responsibility, higher pay, and gain the network and confidence to start or join a new company.

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Free Tuition?

Free Tuition?

Our MBA programs are radically affordable thanks to a tuition model that can reduce student cost to $0.

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Where Our Students Studied

  • 274Oxford University
  • 192UC Berkeley
  • 146Harvard University
  • 130Columbia University
  • 119LSE
  • 114MIT
  • 96Yale University
  • 95Delft University
  • 93Stanford University
  • 65ETH Zurich

Where Our Students Work

Employers Love Us Too

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

From HR courses to custom training, our platform brings modern learning to employers.

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Our hiring platform in development will connect talent to career opportunity.

Tuition Funding

Tuition Funding

Our employer-friendly model fits Quantic costs into most company tuition benefits.

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People Quantic

“How well do you know the concepts of #BlueOceanStrategy? s.hbr.org/1I96vU7 Find out via @QuanticSchool“

Harvard Business Review


“In my 10 years in the education world, Quantic offers the best, most engaging learning experience of anything I’ve seen...incredible disruptive potential.”

Michael Horn

Co-Founder, Clayton Christensen Institute

“It is one of a new breed of digital education companies seeking to challenge the supremacy - and business model - of established academic institutions”

Financial times

Samuel Miles photo

Samuel Miles


African Leadership University, Facilitator

“Quantic is pedagogy done right for the modern omni-learner.”

Katherine ernst photo

Anand Bhat


Accenture, Systems Integration Lead

“The value of an Ivy League MBA in a shortened compact and delightful user experience that makes learning great again!”

erin pellegrino photo

Erin Pellegrino

Cornell University

Harvard University School of Design

“I can't believe I went to two universities for undergraduate and graduate school, and never learned what Quantic offered.”

Rephael sung tark mun photo

Aleshia Howell


Program Director, The Creative Coast

“Quantic gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to start my business on the right foot. I'm amazed at how much I've learned in just a year.”

Rephael sung tark mun photo

Elizabeth Kennard


Sr. Manager, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.

“The Quantic program is a unique and engaging way for busy professionals to build their knowledge and gain their business degree.”

Rephael sung tark mun photo

Raphael Sung Tark Mun

Carnegie Mellon

CEO, Lemmino

“Finding out about Quantic and deciding to apply is one of the best decisions I've ever made.”

geoffrey schutta photo

Geoffrey Schutta

The College of William and Mary

CGI, Senior Consultant

“This MBA program could become one of the most beneficial and worthwhile endeavors for students and companies.”

Lydia Montagnese photo

Lydia Montagnese

Johns Hopkins University

CEO, Givdo

“I found a great community of colleagues with my same drive for higher education and self-development. I couldn't have asked for more!”

Ian lee photo

Ian Lee

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Uber, Test Engineer - Self Driving

“Quantic is the future of education: fast, effective and mobile.”

John paul ekins photo

Regina Jaslow


Chief Revenue Officer, Amplicare

“New courses are continually added and offer fantastic value for a quality education. Having access to the careers platform is also a huge plus.”