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What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Your Best Options

Human Resource (HR) teams are continuously adapting technology to meet their staff training needs. Globally, many top Fortune 500 companies have adopted self-paced e-learning courses to aid their employees’ training.  However, there’s still a problem: Many industries have already established a set-up for HR and Learning and Development (L&D) departments.  Weaning off these learning tools …

Do You Need a Talent Management System in 2021?

In the 21st century, quality talent is in high demand and short supply.  A cross-section of top talent has formed a seller’s market out of this, offering their services to the highest payer at inflated salaries while always looking out for other opportunities. The power has moved from employer to employee. Loyalty and commitment are, …

LEADERSHIPMarch 25, 2021
How to Build an Executive Leadership Development Plan

Running a company involves far more than just availing a specific good or service to the public. Indeed, it also requires more than simply convincing customers of your suitability and branding. To make your business sustainable in a highly volatile marketplace and ensure profits and longevity, your company – like all businesses – requires strategic …

8 Employee Engagement Strategies for 2021

Seeing your engagement strategies fail and your operational systems run amok is nothing new in times of change. Significant shifts in the labor market only exacerbate issues.  The great arena where corporations and top talent have been matching strengths has kept us on the edge of our seats for decades. Lately, it seems talent has …

LEADERSHIPNovember 24, 2020
Inspiring the Next Generation of Future Business Leaders

Since 1996, ​Virtual Enterprises International​ (VE) has transformed the lives of more than 165,000 teens through a robust in-school program empowering students to test drive potential careers and develop professional, leadership, functional, and technical skills and competencies. VE’s mission is to ensure all young people have the opportunity to learn and succeed, regardless of their …

CAREER PLANNINGAugust 28, 2020
How to Become a CEO 🚀 Your Path to Chief Executive Officer

Dreaming of becoming a CEO? You can turn that dream into a reality with some sweat, smarts, and a whole lot of dedication to the climb. No matter what industry or company, you’re going to overcome many challenges while you position yourself to take a shot at the top. We built this guide to help …


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