The Modern MBA: Student Experiences

With Alexandria Dixon, Program Manager at SAP; Torrey Payne, Engineering Manager at Thirty Madison; and Katie Tomola, Senior Learning & Development Operations Specialist at Wells Fargo.

With the rate of change being seen across all industries, today’s business leaders require an education partner that will equip them for the future of work. Through an innovative online platform, Quantic’s MBA and EMBA programs offer professionals around the world the chance to engage in a rigorous and interactive learning environment that fits their schedules and needs.

In a recent discussion with three Quantic graduates – Alexandria Dixon, Torrey Payne, and Katie Tomola – we got a glimpse into the transformative impact of this modern educational approach.

Alexandria Dixon: Embracing Mobile Learning and Program Management Expertise

As a Program Manager at SAP, Alexandria Dixon has mastered the art of strategic implementation, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth. Her approach to education was as innovative as her professional life, completing her entire MBA using her smartphone. Dixon’s ability to integrate studies seamlessly into her busy life showcases Quantic’s flexibility. Reflecting on her experience, Dixon noted,

I love being able to expand my business acumen and immediately put into practice some of the newfound knowledge that I gained along this journey, such as leading organizations through transformation.

Quantic alum, Alexandria Dixon, Program Manager at SAP

Torrey Payne: Leveraging Technical Expertise in Engineering Management

Torrey Payne, an engineering manager at Thirty Madison, leads the development of the Keeps platform, a tele-health solution for hair loss prevention. With a background in engineering, business, mathematics, and economics, Payne’s educational pursuits at Quantic allowed him to enhance his leadership and technical skills. He emphasizes the importance of challenging work, stating,

I like to challenge myself and my team to constantly improve and grow, while also maintaining a collaborative and supportive culture.

Quantic alum, Torrey Payne, Engineering Manager at Thirty Madison

His Quantic MBA enabled him to apply data-driven insights and advanced technical knowledge directly to his role, enhancing both team performance and product quality.

Katie Tomola: Expanding Horizons in Learning & Development

Katie Tomola, a Senior Learning & Development Operations Specialist at Wells Fargo, brings a wealth of experience in project consultancy and technology. At Quantic, she sought to deepen her business acumen and expand her professional network. Tomola’s role involves leading engagement activities and implementing Agile processes, significantly boosting employee engagement and operational efficiency. She values the global nature of Quantic’s MBA, which enhanced her understanding of diverse business practices. Reflecting on her journey, Tomola said,

I appreciate all the perspectives and the different cultures and the different lenses that you have by meeting people from all over the world.

Quantic alum, Katie Tomola, Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Wells Fargo

Shaping Future Business Leaders

The Quantic MBA and EMBA programs are expertly crafted to align with the critical need for technological innovation in today’s business education landscape, providing professionals with a robust platform to stay current and competitive without interrupting their careers. Here’s how Quantic’s approach directly addresses the accelerating pace of change and the demands of the modern business environment:

Modern Online Platform and AI Integration

Quantic’s online MBA utilizes a state-of-the-art platform that combines the flexibility of online learning with the sophistication of AI technology. This includes an AI Advisor, which functions similarly to tutor, offering personalized guidance and support throughout the course. This AI-driven approach ensures that students can engage in rich, interactive case discussions and receive instant feedback, making the learning process both dynamic and responsive. By integrating AI into the learning experience, Quantic enables professionals to familiarize themselves with the kind of technological tools and data-driven decision-making processes prevalent in today’s business world.

Flexible and Accessible Curriculum

Recognizing the fast-paced nature of modern business, Quantic has designed its curriculum to be completed anytime and anywhere. This level of flexibility is crucial for busy professionals who cannot afford to take extended time away from their careers. The ability to access the curriculum on-the-go, from any device, allows students to integrate their studies seamlessly with their professional lives, ensuring they can immediately apply what they learn directly to real-world business challenges.

Immediate Applicability in the Workplace

Quantic’s curriculum is not only forward-thinking but also immediately applicable in the workplace. Each course is designed to equip students with practical skills and insights that can be directly transferred to their day-to-day work activities. This direct applicability ensures that learning is not theoretical but has real-world utility, helping professionals make impactful decisions and implement innovative solutions at work without delay.

Through these innovative features, the Quantic MBA and EMBA programs ensure that professionals are not just keeping pace with the modern business world but are equipped to lead and innovate within it. The integration of advanced technology, flexible learning environments, and immediately applicable coursework provides Quantic students with a significant advantage in navigating the rapidly evolving business landscape.


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