All About Job Placement After Graduation From an MBA Program

When choosing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, prioritize one that aligns with your professional goals post-graduation. The best MBA program will offer a curriculum that caters to your career aspirations and provides ample networking opportunities for your future benefit. At Quantic, our school offers many resources to assist you with job placement after graduation, from career consultations to networking events. Here are some of the ways our MBA program can help you secure employment post-graduation:

Career Services

Career services provide various resources to support your employment pursuits once you graduate. At Quantic, our career services include workshops, coaching sessions, resume consults, and more. Our workshops cover key topics ranging from interview preparation to career transitions. Coaching sessions are held one-on-one to offer a more individualized approach, allowing you to focus on areas like job search strategies and position acceptance negotiations. These sessions may also help you explore new career options that fit your MBA credentials.

Before applying for a new job, you can target your resume and cover letter to better showcase your relevant skills and experience. This technique helps show that you are a good fit for the position. Our career services team offers live one-on-one sessions to optimize your resume for a particular job or career goal. We can review your current documents and provide feedback to improve the formatting.

Curriculum and Projects

The best MBA program will prepare you for job placement by helping you develop practical skills and providing real-world experience. Our MBA curriculum covers core business skills, from accounting and finance to supply chain and operations. It also includes group projects and case studies.

Collaborative projects and case studies can incorporate real-world business scenarios, allowing you to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations. By requiring you to solve realistic business problems, these projects and assignments help prepare you for similar challenges in the workplace. They can also prepare you to answer competency questions and discuss your accomplishments during a job interview. Your answers help show that you possess the skills and experience to satisfy the job requirements. Completed group projects and case studies can be highlighted in resumes, portfolios, and online professional profiles. These tangible examples demonstrate practical experience, initiative, and the ability to deliver results, which may stand out to potential employers.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities facilitate connections and provide access to hidden job markets. They allow you to meet and establish relationships with industry professionals, alumni, recruiters, and potential employers. These connections can lead to job referrals, recommendations, and unadvertised information about job openings. Through networking, you can also find mentors who provide valuable career advice and support. Mentors may help you navigate your career path, industry requirements, and job leads. 

At Quantic, we foster an extensive network of alumni and corporate employers to help expand your career possibilities. We also organize virtual and in-person networking events around the globe. These events can extend through the weekend and often involve presentations given by keynote speakers or local business leaders. Case studies, discussions, and group projects are other ways Quantic provides you with networking opportunities. Projects may involve working with peers from diverse backgrounds and work experiences, enabling you to extend your professional network.

Graduating From a Top-tier MBA Program

Our MBA program supports job placement by providing comprehensive career services, fostering networking opportunities, and developing your professional skills. These resources allow you to graduate with a solid academic foundation and the industry connections needed to excel in your chosen career path. You can work alongside other Quantic students, faculty, and alumni to facilitate your transition from school to career. Complete our application or contact our admissions team today to get started learning.


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