What Specializations Are Available in an Online MBA Program?

Quantic offers online MBA programs that allow students to earn an MBA on their own schedules while using their mobile devices. Our curriculum was designed to help individuals develop core business skills, enabling them to achieve their career ambitions. Quantic’s MBA and Executive MBA programs offer multiple specializations, so students can customize their MBA to fit their needs.

MBA Program Specializations

Our MBA program is a 15-month program of study designed for early-career professionals. The curriculum includes eight required concentrations, one specialization, and one capstone project. The specialization options for the MBA program include:

Advanced Corporate-level Strategy

We designed our advanced corporate-level strategy specialization for professionals aiming for executive-level roles. It includes five courses: Vertical Integration, Diversification, Mergers and Acquisitions 1 and 2, and Cooperative Strategy and Strategic Alliances. These courses help students learn how to create value, adapt to changing market conditions, and sustain competitive advantages. The teachings help make it easier to anticipate industry trends and identify growth opportunities, which are valuable corporate skills.


Quantic offers an entrepreneurship specialization for professionals interested in starting their own businesses. This specialization includes courses like the Practice of Entrepreneurship, Recognizing a Business Opportunity, Design Thinking, and Entrepreneurial Experimentation. The courses focus on learning the qualities, mindsets, and habits needed to be a successful entrepreneur. They also instruct students on how to test and refine their ideas through experimentation so they know whether their idea has the potential to be successful.

Executive MBA Specializations

The Executive MBA curriculum consists of the same eight required concentrations as the MBA and one capstone requirement, but it requires three specializations instead of one. There are also ten additional specialization options to choose from. Some of these options include:

Advanced Finance

The core curriculum for the MBA and Executive MBA program includes seven courses on finance. An advanced finance specialization expounds on many of the concepts introduced in these courses, providing students with a deeper understanding of finance in a business environment. This specialization includes two Valuation courses, as well as the courses Modern Portfolio Theory, International Finance, and Derivatives.


A blockchain specialization helps students understand the technical side of blockchain, equipping them to identify industry-specific applications and opportunities. This specialization teaches the basics in an Introduction to Blockchain course. Students expound on this information in courses like Decentralized Applications, Blockchains in Practice, and Decentralized Finance.

Business Communications

The business communications specialization aims to develop each student’s verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. The courses in this specialization include Effective Business Writing, Business Storytelling, the Art of Negotiation, the Art of Presentation, and Developing a Business Plan. Each course was designed to prepare students for the demands of the corporate world.

Managing Software Development

Specializing in software development can qualify students to manage software projects in a variety of industries. It can also be a good specialization for individuals working in a technology company. The required courses to earn this specialization include Managing Application Development, Web Application Foundations, and Cloud Foundations. These courses teach students how to compare process models, explore components of web-based applications, and determine the best system architecture and hosting to support different applications.

Strategic Leadership

The courses within this specialization focus on honing different types of leadership and include Strategic Leadership, Positive Leadership, and Change Leadership. Other courses include Power and Influence and Balanced Scorecard. Balanced Scorecard teaches students how to use the balanced scorecard method to create and implement a successful business strategy. These courses aim to develop leadership skills such as communications, change management, and decision-making. These competencies can help students become better leaders so they can inspire their teams and achieve successful business outcomes.

US Business Law

The US business law specialization focuses on common business laws that executives encounter in their careers. Each course focuses on one or more relevant laws. The specialization currently includes the courses US Business Formation Law, US Employment Law, and US Intellectual Property Law. This specialization is helpful for entrepreneurs with limited legal knowledge. Learning the fundamentals of these laws can help students choose the type of business they want to start and educate them on the legal challenges they may face.

Explore Quantic’s Online MBA Programs

An MBA specialization allows individuals to customize their MBA. Students can use specializations to prepare for a specific career, set themselves apart from other candidates, or explore an interest. At Quantic, our online MBA programs offer multiple specializations so students can choose the one that works best for them and their goals. Whether an individual wants to start their own business or advance in a particular industry, an MBA or Executive MBA from Quantic can help. Our programs use a ground-breaking instructional method to teach business concepts, and our online case studies and in-person meet-ups provide valuable networking opportunities. Explore our MBA programs to learn more, or apply to an MBA program today.


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