3 Ways Quantic Helped Me Achieve Greater Success in Life

Special thanks to MBA graduate, Jeffrey Chai Zhi Yang, for authoring this piece.

First of all, I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantic community. Even now, I can remember vividly the moment I received the letter of acceptance into the Quantic MBA back in March 2021. It felt surreal, knowing that this is a global MBA program where many talented individuals from other parts of the world would be giving their best shot for enrollments.

Time flew really quickly and I was able to complete the program by 2022 – in just a year’s time!

The Quantic MBA has given me a very enriching experience. Beyond the program, I can truthfully say that it has transformed my life for the better; not just my career, but personal development as well. Here are just a few of the ways Quantic has helped me achieve greater success in life.

  1. New Domain Knowledge in Diverse Areas
    The Quantic MBA has certainly helped me accelerate my professional growth through gaining and deepening knowledge in many areas – notably finance, innovation, analytics, and most importantly organizational strategy and leadership. As someone who majored in mechanical engineering for his bachelor’s studies, this knowledge is both insightful and essential for performing better in my job. Today, I work as a Product Manager which requires me to constantly interact with different stakeholders from various corporate functions within the company. I was able to crystallize their concerns more effectively during our product discussions, and propose solutions that are more contextualized to their business/operational needs. 

    The program has also prepared me to be more confident when it comes to leading conversations about product development (strategy, roadmap, resource planning, and metrics mapping) and also trailblazing ground-level engagement initiatives with my end users in the hope of getting any new user sentiment to improve my product.
  2. Better Work-Study Balance and A More Effective Learner
    The online platform uses bite-sized interactive lessons that are made available on both web-browser and mobile application! The latter was certainly a life saver for me as I was able to learn and catch up on lessons anytime, anywhere: waiting times while taking public transport; short breaks in between work meetings; or before I turned in to bed on some days, I would spend 1 hour or so to review the past week’s curriculum. Such flexibility allows me to manage my work-study schedule with minimal compromise on either of these commitments. 

    Furthermore, because of how I attended these lessons on-the-go during my idle times, which are usually very short in period, I have somehow trained myself to pick up any new information much faster and effectively. This is a bonus that I did not expect out of this MBA program, but is worth mentioning as it really helped me in many aspects of my life, as far as learning is concerned.
  3. A Well-Rounded Individual with Immense Global Exposure
    The fact that Quantic has a very strong student community is what I felt stands out the most among all the educational programs that I have attended thus far. For the group project assignments, everyone was given the freedom to form their own desired teams, and that would mean any like-minded students that they wished to work with across the globe. 

    There is also a central messaging platform set up for the entire Quantic community where anyone could interact with one another – sharing articles, blog posts, and even exchange innovative business ideas, etc. Such modes of cross-cultural interactions helped me become more confident as I had to step out of my comfort zone to articulate and present my thoughts during the engagements. 
Man wearing glasses and smiling while typing at an HP laptop computer, sitting on a blue chair in front of brown wooden cabinets with a world map and an image of a boat.

Quantic is also proactive in keeping the student and alumni communities engaged by organizing frequent meet-ups and speakers’ series with distinguished guests from influential companies. I personally benefited from these sessions as they helped me expand my professional network, and also provided avenues to learn about industries I was interested in for paving my future career path.

In summary, the Quantic MBA is an exceptional learning journey that has transformed my life, and my way of thinking. The program is undoubtedly challenging and intensive, but at the end of the day, it has rewarded me with a mastery of both hard and soft skills.

To the prospective students who are reading this and are still considering if the Quantic MBA is the one for you:

Have an open mind to learning new knowledge and skills. Never underestimate your own potential and don’t be afraid to take that first step to venture into something new or unfamiliar. It is part of the learning process.

Jeffrey Chai Zhi Yang, Quantic MBA


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