Lionel Ang: Innovating and Transforming Industries in Southeast Asia

Lionel Ang’s career is a testament to resilience, adaptability, and visionary leadership. As an accomplished entrepreneur and the Singapore Managing Director of Innovation 360, Lionel has played a pivotal role in strategy, innovation, and digital transformation across Southeast Asia and China. His journey from the economic turbulence of 2008 to leading a firm at the forefront of AI-fueled advancements showcases his dedication to driving change and nurturing the next generation of leaders. A Quantic School of Business and Technology alumnus, Lionel combines his practical experience with advanced business acumen, redefining the future of work and education.

Navigating the Economic Challenges of 2008

Lionel Ang’s professional journey began amidst the challenging economic landscape of 2008. Fresh out of Nanyang Technological University Singapore, he entered the headhunting industry at a time when hiring freezes and low oil prices were prevalent. Despite these obstacles, Lionel’s determination and keen eye for opportunities led to significant achievements. He helped establish a new office in Asia for a UK-listed headhunting firm, demonstrating his ability to thrive in adversity.

This experience taught Lionel a crucial lesson: human potential extends beyond formal qualifications. His success in Southeast Asia and China inspired his colleagues to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures, further amplifying his impact on the industry.

Leading Innovation at Innovation 360

Lionel’s role as the Singapore Managing Director of Innovation 360 allows him to channel his passion for strategy, always with an eye toward the future and building for what’s next. He leads efforts to propel change and foster a culture of innovation in an era increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence. One key aspect of his position is training others and equipping them with the skills, agility, and mindsets needed to navigate and leverage AI and other technological advancements effectively and ethically.

Under Lionel’s leadership, Innovation 360 has become a beacon for a multitude of transformation initiatives. His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends ensures that the firm remains a leader in the highly competitive strategy and innovation landscape of Southeast Asia.

Expanding Horizons with Quantic’s Executive MBA

To further enhance his strategic capabilities and expand his professional network, Lionel Ang pursued an Executive MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology. The program’s modern business model and borderless learning approach were key factors in his decision. “Quantic’s Executive MBA redefines education and opens up endless possibilities for the future of work,” Lionel notes.

The high-caliber students and diverse perspectives he encountered at Quantic enriched his learning experience, providing him with valuable insights and new approaches to business challenges. The program’s flexibility allowed Lionel to balance his demanding role with his educational pursuits and family commitments. 

Balancing Professional and Personal Life

While his professional ambitions keep Lionel busy, he prioritizes maintaining a balanced life. An avid adventurer, he enjoys mountain climbing and diving, activities that reflect his love for exploration and pushing boundaries. He also has set a personal goal to complete a self-supported ultramarathon before the age of 45 — a commitment to personal growth and resilience.

Family life is equally important to Lionel. He prioritizes quality time with loved ones and a solid work-life balance. This holistic approach to life underscores his belief in achieving harmony between career achievements and personal fulfillment.

As Lionel explores new frontiers in AI advancements and digital transformation (not to mention an ultramarathon!), we’ll be watching and cheering him on!


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