Quantic MBA Program Review: The Process From Start To Finish

An online master’s degree program offers graduate students a flexible opportunity to further their education and grow their careers. Students from around the world are connected to professional networks and top-tier companies after completing an MBA with Quantic. Here’s a Quantic MBA review to give you more information about how the program works from beginning to end:

Application and Acceptance

Quantic is selective in our admissions process. This allows us to accept high-achieving students and working professionals. We offer video chats, phone calls, and emails to prospective students who want to learn more about applying to our MBA program. These informational channels will inform individuals of application requirements, such as holding a bachelor’s degree, having a minimum of two years of relevant work experience, and being proficient in the English language. Our admissions team assesses GRE and GMAT scores, but these scores are not required for acceptance into the program.

If you have submitted your application by the admissions deadline, our team will begin evaluating your credentials. Applicants who are a good fit for our online program may be selected to undergo an interview with the admissions team. During this meeting, we ask questions to learn more about you and your professional goals to determine whether they align with our projected program outcomes.

Registration and Financial Aid 

Once you have been accepted to Quantic, you can register for your chosen courses. Quantic offers tuition assistance programs like our employer-funded model and institutional scholarships. Students can benefit from the employer-funded model if they work for a company that provides tuition reimbursement. Quantic works with students and several employers to confirm students have access to higher education at an affordable rate. 

Students qualify for merit-based scholarships during their application review. During this review, our admissions team will determine whether the applicant will receive a leadership, impact, recruitment, or financial aid scholarship. Explore our website or contact an admissions advisor to learn more about the available scholarships and your eligibility. 

Coursework and Networking

The coursework for Quantic’s MBA can be completed in as few as 15 months. Our courses’ structured yet flexible format makes them accessible to students with busy professional lives. Students can use our platform’s interactive AI technology to boost their understanding of complex topics and case studies. During case study projects, students collaborate with and learn from each other. Once a student has mastered the key topics and completed the case study, they are able to move on to the next course module.  

Quantic offers students the opportunity to network with fellow students and industry professionals during online and in-person events. In-person conferences and workshops are held in major cities worldwide throughout the year. They give students and alumni the chance to build relationships, work together on case studies, and hear from industry experts. Online student clubs and virtual meet-ups provide similar opportunities for students to collaborate and hear from curated speakers.

Final Project and Post-graduation

After completing your program’s core coursework and your chosen specialization, you will be required to complete a capstone project. This project can be completed individually or as a collaborative effort with a group. The two capstone options are the business plan project and the strategy report project.

For the business plan project, students must conduct thorough research and create a comprehensive plan for starting a new business. In the strategy report project, students must research and develop an actionable solution to a business industry issue. This is the final assignment before students are approved for graduation. Quantic graduates have indefinite access to the courses within their program, allowing them to stay current on business practices. Alumni can also attend online networking events to boost their professional relationships and learn more about industry advancements.

Explore Quantic MBA Reviews

At Quantic, we prioritize peer and active learning to create an effective mobile learning platform. This helps our students build lasting connections and gain insights from other professionals. Our degrees are fully accredited and allow graduates to increase their salaries and accept higher roles within their companies. Explore our alumni reviews and submit an application to see which program you may be eligible for. 


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