Differences Between Online MBA Programs and Traditional MBA Programs

Online MBA programs and traditional programs have different advantages, each offering something unique for their students. Online programs are flexible but require dedication and discipline to complete successfully. Traditional MBA programs are on-campus and have face-to-face interaction between peers and professors. Quantic has the best MBA program for high-quality online learning. Learn more about the differences between online and traditional programs to make an informed decision.

Online MBA Programs

MBA programs give working business professionals an opportunity to expand their education while furthering their careers. You can take classes specific to your industry and actively work while learning. Online MBA programs have advantages that traditional programs do not. Some of those advantages include:

Offers Flexibility

Online learning can happen anywhere, giving students the flexibility to take classes at any time and any place. Work through lessons in the evening, on your lunch break, or in the morning before work. Students can attend classes globally, which provides the opportunity for high-quality education to people who don’t live near business schools or universities.

Online MBA programs also allow students to be flexible in their choice of education. Some traditional business schools focus on only a few specific concentrations, such as business management, meaning students are limited in their choices. Quantic offers eight concentrations, including finance, accounting, marketing, and supply chain operations. Almost half of our students already have Master’s degrees, and many want to further their careers with their current employers. The flexibility of getting an MBA online allows our students to keep working and deepen their value to their employers by furthering their education.

Requires Self-Discipline

Online programs require every student to be self-disciplined and dedicated to their education. With no one to take attendance at the beginning of each class, students must have dependable time management skills. At Quantic, our method is pedagogically engineered to encourage active learning and high levels of engagement. With no textbooks or video lectures, students participate in interactive mastery-based lessons.  With this method of teaching, our students report higher engagement and efficacy.

Gives Access to Wide Professional Network

Online MBA programs give access to a wide range of experts in their fields who want to hire educated working professionals. You can connect online with these leaders to learn more about what it takes to become highly successful. Making these connections helps set you up for future employment at successful companies.

Quantic has students in more 150 countries and over fifteen thousand students and alumni globally. We offer a network of corporate employers and wisdom from exceptional alumni. Our students can attend MBA weekend events to hear from speakers worldwide and network in person. By getting an MBA online, you can network with otherwise inaccessible professionals. A quality, time-relevant education, and an extensive network system set our students up for future achievements.

Traditional MBA Programs

A traditional MBA program offers an intensive education and a network of professionals, all in person on a physical campus. Some programs have multiple locations, which may have varying programs available. Getting an MBA through a traditional program has some unique advantages, including:

Offers Intensive Classes

A traditional program requires students to appear on campus to attend class. These classes vary from lecture-based to discussion and project-based learning. Textbooks are usually required, and tests are given to gauge performance and subject knowledge.

Traditional MBA courses may be heavily specific to one business area, such as accounting and finance. This allows students to get a highly specialized education. They can interact with others who have the same focus. Professors and mentors will be knowledgeable about that industry and can give tailored advice.

Has Face-to-Face Interactions

Face-to-face interaction is one of the many requirements for on-campus business schools, so students are exposed to many different people and perspectives. Students hold each other accountable for completing assignments and contributing to class discussions. Setting up study groups and attending workshop events together may also be easier to learn. This up-close interaction offers students a way to gain a collaborative education and work with all types of people. As an online program, this is also one of Quantic’s strengths, as our learning encourages high levels of peer-to-peer interaction and offers multiple avenues for students to connect face-to-face at local meet-ups and conferences.

Is Not Technology-Bound

While much of business takes place online, not every student has the resources to take classes online. Traditional MBA programs are not bound by technology. Campuses often have computer labs for their students to use so they don’t have to purchase their own. They also have resources onsite for students for their group or personal projects.

Apply to the Best MBA Program

An MBA can improve your chances of getting a higher salary or promotion. At Quantic, we aim to educate students no matter where they live and provide an extensive professional network, all at a radically affordable price. We are an accredited online institution with a mission to provide working professionals an opportunity to further their careers through quality education. Contact us today with any questions about the best MBA program to further your career.


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