Course Options You Can Take in a Top MBA Program

A master of business administration involves a series of core graduate-level courses to enhance your leadership abilities. Evaluate your career goals, professional background, the curriculum being offered, and course duration to determine the best MBA program for you. At Quantic, we offer a holistic online MBA curriculum to deliver exceptional career outcomes.  Here are some of the courses you can take in our MBA program:


The accounting program combines a series of business administration courses with accounting courses to help you develop managerial and bookkeeping skills. Quantic offers seven courses under this option. Students will learn to apply financial statement preparation principles when conducting basic transactions. When enrolled in the program, students develop auditing abilities while analyzing multiple avenues of financial gain. 

Students focus on analyzing company earnings and cash positions by examining cash flow and net income. They also assess a firm’s capital structure, financial health, and overall efficiency by evaluating income statement and balance sheet metrics. At the end of each course, they’ll be required to conduct a smart case on given topics to experiment with their theoretical learning. 

Markets & Economies

This course focuses on applying economic methodologies and ideas while analyzing managerial-focused business environments. Quantic offers three microeconomics courses on supply and demand, shaping your economic worldview, markets, and externalities. We also offer three macroeconomics courses that look at international trade, economic fluctuations, and US fiscal and monetary policy.


Taking a finance course can help you develop a statistical and analytical foundation to elevate your career. At Quantic, our MBA program combines specialized finance courses and general business administration classes. We offer eight courses in the finance program where we develop a foundation of key financial terminology. Individuals learn to avoid assumptions and assess proposed projects’ potential profits by calculating a firm’s debt and equity balance. 

Our students gain skills in projecting cash flows and capital constraints that can help them prioritize the most profitable projects. By implementing the modern portfolio theory, they learn to maximize returns for various risk levels. Upon completion of the program, our alumni will be well-versed in conducting company valuations on Microsoft Excel. They can incorporate market liquidation methods and multiples or discount future cash flows back to the present.

Leading Organizations

The organizational leadership program helps individuals become effective managers. It introduces them to practices and theories that foster the personal growth needed to excel in their roles. Our leading organization courses boost your cultural intelligence and give you the insights necessary to analyze your organizational structure and behavior. This course also helps you understand the purpose of corporate governance, learn how to develop a corporate philosophy, and gain power and influence in a business setting. Become a strategic leader with balanced talent management to support your company by taking our leadership program.

Supply Chain & Operations

An MBA in supply chain and operations can help you make valuable and informed contributions to your company’s decision-making process and supply chain management. Our courses cover the fundamentals of project management and how to create, maintain, and improve production processes. These can help improve customer experience, manage demand uncertainty using models that can allow optimal inventory levels, and forecast customer demand. We also tackle supply chain management by examining ways to reduce mismatches between supply and demand across supply chains.


The MBA in strategy can be ideal for visionary leaders. It enhances mastery of the company’s performance and teaches individuals how to make advanced management decisions. Our courses under this program cover business, corporate, and international strategy, strategic frameworks, decision-making, and strategy implementation. Our strategy course will help you amplify your business foresight and corporate planning. Renew your projection strategy with a focused course on corporate adaptation.

Marketing and Pricing

Students who choose to study marketing and pricing learn to incorporate value propositions when designing a marketing strategy. Our courses are broad and cover multiple aspects, such as brand development and management. This identifies improvements needed in digital campaigns and practical digital marketing fundamentals. We also delve into principles and methods of pricing goods and services in relation to value, how price variations can maximize profit, and pricing practices. Students learn about the strategies used in ecommerce to withstand stiff competition and maximize revenue.

Choose the Best MBA Program 

Select the best MBA program that aligns with your preferences and career needs. A Quantic MBA program has eight concentrations in business administration. This caters to the diverse students’ education goals and helps them advance their career objectives. 

Our programs offer flexible online study to fit in with your full or part-time job. With an adjustable schedule, you can determine the best timeline for your MBA. Start a program with Quantic today to develop your business management and administration experience.



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