Quantic Moonshot Finalist: toTable

We are thrilled to launch our first annual pitch competition, Quantic Moonshot, where our Executive MBA students get to showcase their game-changing ideas and business innovations. Our judges have narrowed down the teams to five finalists, who will all be competing to win the grand-prize.  

One of the five finalist teams, toTable, creates a sustainable and cost-effective method to prevent food waste for consumers and grocers.

toTable Moonshot Business Pitch

At its core, toTable aims to solve the economic and environmental harm caused by consumer and grocer food waste due to the lack of connection between consumer food demand and grocer supply that needs using at the stage of consumer planning/intent.

The primary use case of toTable is to reduce food waste, benefiting the environment and economically benefiting all participants of the ecosystem. 

Consumers can plan meals to address dietary restrictions, health goals, nutrition, budget, and waste reduction, while grocers can actively reduce waste by pushing items to consumer meal plans before expiry, thereby saving the grocers money, reducing waste, and reducing strain on the supply chain. The surplus becomes available for others to consume.

To make money, toTable takes a small share of consumer grocery orders and operates a marketplace for additional goods and services, such as supplements and nutritionist consultations, as well as digital goods, such as additional recipes or integration access linking to popular recipe websites.

The founder of toTable is motivated by the intersection of the planet, people, and technology. With functional experience across sales, marketing, product, operations, people and talent, leadership, and more, and domain expertise working with startups globally across various industries ranging from deep tech AI to Enterprise SaaS to gaming and more, the founder is well-equipped to build a high-performing team and run a lean, scalable business. With a focus on hiring smart and avoiding major pitfalls along the way to reduce risk, the founder is confident in their ability to make toTable a success.

With a well-developed business plan, conversations with leadership in grocery businesses, and steps taken to bring the product to market, toTable is an ambitious startup with a noble mission. With the potential to make a significant impact on both the environment and the economy, toTable is a business worth watching.

toTable Founder

Phil Diamond, Partner, Asia at Think & Grow, Singapore

And a special thanks to his incredible support team: his wife and kids, Caroline, Koda, and Kieryn.

What inspired you to work on this business?

(PD) I’ve been passionate about food my whole life. Meal planning has been a tedious task for me and my wife so we can enjoy a variety of healthy food. Since having kids, making sure our kids get the nutrients they need adds even more complexity to meal planning and is proving to be a herculean challenge.

What has been the most valuable lesson you learned while working on this project?

(PD) Show things to people when they’re not finished because they’ll never be finished.

What advice would you give to Quantic students currently working on their capstone projects?

(PD) Start with an outline in a logical order, fill in details as you gather them (rather than all at the end), and keep adding to and refining each section. They build on each other and so if you’re working on a team, you need access to the full picture to tell a compelling story and draw meaningful conclusions.

Any final words of encouragement for other entrepreneurs?

(PD) If you want to change the world, you can’t do things the way everyone else does them. So when it seems like “nobody could possibly say ‘yes’ and back me,” keep pushing.

Be sure to stay tuned to our social channels for more #QuanticMoonshot updates, and tune in LIVE to the NYC finals on May 6th, where we will announce grand-prize and fan-favorite winners!


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