Meet Avik Bhowmick: Vice President and Global Team Lead at JP Morgan Chase

Quantic Advocate Avik Bhowmick is currently a VP and Global Team Lead at JPMorgan Chase. His passion for education and strong work ethic drove him to overcome many personal challenges in his life. With a growth mindset and a dedicated thirst for knowledge, Avik tutored local children in order to fund his schooling. Graduating at the top of his BSc class, Avik launched his career at international tech firm Cognizant; however, his academic journey was far from over. First, he went on to pursue an MS in Software Engineering. Then, in order to lead more confidently with a well-rounded view, he pursued an Executive MBA degree from Quantic.  He states that this allowed him “to achieve my elusive dream for pursuing education from a top business school along with such an accomplished group of classmates.”

“Since moving to the US, I have wanted to earn an MBA, but family and job responsibilities have made it difficult. It’s the Quantic style of learning that finally paved the way for me to achieve my goal. Looking back at my academic achievements now, I feel quite accomplished.”

We asked Avik about his experience studying at Quantic. Keep reading to see what he has to say.

What motivated you to pursue an MBA?

My main reason in pursuing an MBA is to help me be more confident as I grow in my leadership role.

Why did you select Quantic?

In my critical and demanding job function, I needed flexibility if I were to pursue higher education. Quantic effectively solves this dilemma for busy professionals, using a smart use of technology and modern digital channels.

How would you describe your experience with Quantic?

Quantic delivered a career transforming experience for me.

As you consider your Quantic learning experience, what’s been most impactful, most beneficial to you, most valuable to you?

In my job role, I didn’t quite understand the full spectrum of the business that I was helping enable through technology. Quantic delivered solid foundational knowledge that I am able to apply to my work to create enormous value for my team. It’s very selective for EMBA candidates, which resulted in such a powerful professional network. Lastly, the digital app-based learning spoiled me so much that I find it difficult to go back to video-based remote learning models.

What most interests you about being a Quantic advocate?

Continuous association with this organization.


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