Meet Richard Lim: Technical Architect at Salesforce

Quantic Alum, Richard Lim, has had a professional career that spans twenty years around the globe, most recently in New York City, where he is the Technical Consultant Manager at Datorama, a Salesforce Company. However, it’s his Cambodian French background that sets him apart from other technical professionals. He has assembled a diverse, global network and that’s what led him to get his EMBA from Quantic.

Richard offers a unique international perspective on business and education. He believes that his global experience has taught him to become more open-minded, adaptable, and curious, allowing him to be more inclusive of other people and communities in a business setting. Richard stresses the importance of this inclusivity, saying “everyone is different and my norm is not necessarily the norm of someone else; this is key to being a citizen of the world.”

“Two classmates graduated from Quantic and posted on Linkedin. I reached out to them to get more information. I knew the people behind Quantic had something brilliant, so I applied. Then I tried the app, and as a tech person, I fell in love.”

Now, Richard Lim is an Alumni Advocate and wants to spread awareness about the power of networking and inclusivity. Continue reading to learn more about Richard’s experience at Quantic completing his Executive MBA program. 

What motivated you to pursue an MBA?

I had a MS in Computer Science and always kept in mind that I wanted to get business knowledge. At work, I was learning less than I was at the beginning, and then COVID hit. It was then the right time for me to do an MBA.

Why did you select Quantic?

Two former classmates graduated from Quantic and posted about it on LinkedIn. I reached out to them to get more information, then I tried the app. As a tech person, I fell in love with the way lessons were structured and how interactive it was. I knew right away that people behind Quantic had something brilliant, so I applied.

How would you describe your experience with Quantic?

My experience with Quantic was great. It was sometimes very challenging to keep pace and stay on track, but the overall experience is very good.

As you consider your Quantic learning experience, what’s been most impactful, most beneficial to you, most valuable to you?

The most beneficial aspect to me is learning and understanding the right concepts, with the ability to return to the lessons when facing issues in the professional world. I don’t have my own company, but if one day I would like to start one, I know that I have the tools now.

How did you get to where you are today? What’s your background?

My parents are Cambodian immigrants in France – I was born, raised and studied in France. I had opportunities to work and live around the globe: US, Australia, France and am now I’m settled in the US.

What most interests you about being a Quantic advocate?

Being able to share my experience, help people, and advertise this high level education at an affordable cost.


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