Statement Regarding the Ukraine Crisis

Quantic is a truly global community as our network of students, alumni, and staff span six continents and 151 countries, with students from more countries joining our student body every year. Connectivity that bridges borders and cultures is one of our biggest strengths — if you’re one of our students, you almost certainly have classmates, friends, potential business partners and colleagues from many countries and all walks of life. 

As these violent and tragic events unfold in Ukraine, all of us at Quantic are asking what we can do to help. Our global connectivity — what makes us strong — means that a crisis somewhere is a tragedy for all of us. As Quantic continues to expand, so does our capacity to help, support, and educate. We’ve heard from many of our students about ways they are helping those hurting right now and we wanted to do the same.   

To that end, Quantic will be donating to the following humanitarian aid foundations:  

We are also working with our students and alumni to explore additional ways to connect those in need with resources to help. We also are here to support and provide financial assistance to any of our students and alumni impacted by these events. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will talk through what flexibility or additional aid you may need as you pursue your MBA in the midst of this crisis.


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