Global Mobile-based Learning Platform Raises $15 Million to Re-Shape Education With Programs Engineered For the Modern Workforce

Washington, DC — March 1, 2022 — Pedago, the mobile-first online education company focused on career-embedded education, announced today that it will receive $15M in funding from Elephant, which is backing disruptive software, internet and mobile companies.

The investment will be split with Pedago’s initial partner institution, Quantic School of Business and Technology, which received over 75,000 applications and nearly doubled bookings year over year, two years in a row as applications declined at some of the world’s most elite business schools. 98% of students say they’d recommend Quantic to a friend, and 94% of alumni report they’ve reached their career goals after graduation. 

“As the global economy faces unprecedented disruption, the need for strategic leaders has never been greater — but traditional business education leaves much to be desired for working adults. We’re reimagining online learning and the MBA in order to unlock potential for rising executives, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs who need a relevant business education, and fast,” said Bill Fisher, CEO of Quantic. “Elephant’s investment — paired with their deep expertise in mobile and internet — marks a significant opportunity to deliver on our mission to develop pedagogically innovative learning programs for the modern workplace.”

Pedago and Quantic are reimagining online education through mobile-first education programs built for the demands of a rapidly evolving world of work. Courses offered through Quantic are designed to foster the sort of deep learning — and retention of key concepts — that enable tomorrow’s leader to develop career changing, marketable skills. 

The investment from Elephant will accelerate the development of additional degrees and institutions, AI-based innovation, and experiences and career services designed to enhance student outcomes.

“The rise of the Smartphone has touched and changed all aspects of our lives — but education. Pedago and Quantic are really leading the way in leveraging the power of mobile computing to develop education programs that are accessible, relevant, and deeply engaging,” said Jeremiah Daly, co-founder of Elephant. “The demand for high-quality training in leadership, strategic thinking, and business administration has never felt more urgent. We’re excited to bring Quantic’s innovative curriculum and network, and Pedago’s learning platform to more students in the year ahead.” 

About Pedago

Founded in 2013, Pedago is revolutionizing how we connect learning to positive career outcomes. Pedago offers an array of services; from enabling partner institution Quantic School of Business and Technology, the mobile-first MBA and EMBA built for the demands of a rapidly evolving world of work, to Miya Miya, a platform that teaches STEM to refugees in Jordan. Its mission is to re-imagine education with more accessible, effective, and impactful systems that enable learners to reach their potential — faster.


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