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Women Who Lead: Virtual Summit Success

Inspiration, motivation, and connection: 

Our Quantic community is filled with strong women leaders and we were thrilled to see the incredible turnout, during our first Women Who Lead Virtual Summit! 

Hundreds of students and alumni gathered virtually for a motivational keynote, educational panels and workshops, and networking mixers to help empower women to excel in their professional and personal endeavors. 

Workshop themes included: Pathways to Leadership, Who Are You Going to Be in 2022, and The Future of Work. Our Keynote to kick off the week’s events was given by Elizabeth Yin, General Partner at the Hustle Fund. The event was moderated by our very own Alexie Harper, Quantic co-founder and Chief Academic Officer. Elizabeth explained the importance of democratizing opportunities in different industries, empowering women to take leadership roles, and maintaining a positive attitude along the journey.


Throughout the week-long conference, we also asked some of the leaders in our Quantic community to share their inspirational thoughts on female leadership. 

Here are some of those highlights:


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