Quantic School of
Business and Technology

Mission, Vision and History


The mission of Quantic School of Business and Technology is to offer the most innovative, highest-quality, online education programs that are directly connected to positive career outcomes in business and technology. We are dedicated to reducing the student cost of our programs to zero.


Quantic seeks to reinvent graduate education for the 21st century, serving as a template for a new kind of school: leveraging pedagogical and technological innovation and a keen understanding of the power of professional networks to deliver best-in-class learning experiences and career outcomes for our students.

Our Story

Quantic began with three questions: what if you could learn any subject, anywhere, on any device? What if that learning system was connected to a powerful professional network? And what if a new business model could make it radically affordable, or even free?

From this initial vision, our founders set out to build a new kind of graduate school.

The team began by inventing a ground-breaking instructional method, then applying it in the creation of our state-of-the-art curriculum. After proving its speed and efficacy compared to traditional programs, the team developed a unique Sponsored Tuition model which shifts the cost of education to employers through several funding initiatives including our integrated student hiring platform. And finally, through a rigorous admissions process and employer vetting, the team created the basis for a valuable, exclusive network of alumni and corporate partners.

Today, Quantic is proud to offer two radically affordable accredited degree programs - the MBA and the Executive MBA - to ambitious students from around the world.

It’s an exciting road ahead. We hope you’ll be part of the journey.

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