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Our MBA Tuition Reimbursement Program is the low-cost, high reward benefit that builds loyalty and improves performance.

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Why Employers Love Quantic

Elevate Talent

Elevate your top current and potential leaders with an MBA that will allow them to take their performance to more senior roles to support your growth.

Higher Retention

Invest in your top employees to signal your confidence in their potential, and your commitment to their success; you’ll cultivate loyalty and retain them longer.

Affordable Tuition

Primarily online, our best-in-class MBA programs are designed to deliver incredible learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional top business school programs.

Minimal Disruption

Our mobile first degree programs are designed for the modern executive allowing them to pursue their studies without compromising their work.

Please note that admission is competitive and not all employees will gain acceptance to the program.

A New Gold Standard in Online Graduate Education

Execuvive certificates

Modern Accredited Degree

Students earn our accredited MBA degree for early-career professionals or our Executive MBA degree, which adds leadership, management, and advanced strategy to our core MBA curriculum.

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Multiple Employee Admissions

Select companies that enroll multiple employees per year may be eligible for volume accounts, reducing tuition below the published rate of $9600 USD per student.


Transformative Experiences

During the program, students can attend exclusive workshop and networking weekends in cities around the world (recent sites have included Washington DC, Dublin, and Singapore). They’ll socialize with exceptional classmates while putting learning to use in group case studies. Beyond the curriculum, students connect with thousands of high-caliber peers in our Quantic alumni platform, enhancing both personal and professional networks.

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